NA 13 Mansehra

(Khalid Rasheed, Mansehra)

I wish general elections 2018 to be on time in peaceful, transparent and smooth way, which looks difficult. As for as PTI tickets and Mansehra politics is concerned: Azam khan swati is supporting sardar yousaf sb in this election. It was the part of game to send saleh khan in PTI as an ex Patwari and recently promoted as gerdawar. In response sardar sb will support shieryar khan for MPS ship ,it will honour an old commitment made during elections of District Nazim Mansehra with Laiq Muhammad Khan. As for as ideological workers are concerned it's GreAt joke in PTI. My sympathies with shafahat khan, Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad, sardar khan,the new gerdawar and other workers. Azam swati sb has successfully taken revenge from shafahat khan where he remained out of his control during PTIs local level elections .Now all of them will work in the able leadership of saleh khan (newly promoted gerdawar and working on prohibition ) and ultimately Sardar Shahjehan will be the winner. My sole sympathy is also with Haji Saleh khan where he also coordinated a successful social media campaign of Maryam Nawaz But it was not his own decision to join PTI, where he was driven to join it. .Some "naraz group" of PTI will also contest election and hence will surely support shahjahan sb. Kewai is yet to settle the dust of Mansehra. This division of vote at regional level will put the weight in sardar sb group. The rest of the vaccume if left shall be felt by something like Molvi Gheas ud Deen. Mullan Millitary Alliance (MMA), will catch some anti Sardar Yousaf vote in Mansehra and this all dilemma will pave a short way for Shahjahan sb to National Assembly and parliament lodges, where his luggage is set since 30 years.

(Please note this is my personal opinion everybody has right of different opinion in civilized way).

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