Religion and Terrorism: Jiabao Vs Obama

(Yousuf Alamgirian, Rawalpindi)

Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao during his recent visit has urged the international community to respect Pakistan’s efforts as it had rendered invaluable sacrifices in the war against terror. “We should not link terrorism to any specific religion or nation, and avoid pursuing double standard while dealing with the issue. We should rather focus on the root causes of terrorism and ways to eliminate them,” he said while addressing a joint session of the Parliament. This was not the statement rather a message to the world and specially the powers engaged in dealing the menace of terrorism. It not only portrayed the Chinese nation’s positive image but depicted a sobriety, wisdom and visionary traits hidden in the composed personality of Wen Jiabao. He strongly voiced China’s stance against terrorism saying it must not be linked to any particular country or religion. “There should be no dual standards in this regard,” he said and called for making efforts for addressing the real reasons that lead to terrorism. “China’s stance is clear and consistent.

On the other hand America has recently announced its review strategy for Afghanistan and has asked Pakistan to do more. American do more mantra is in fact the tool to keep Pakistan under pressure. America instead honoring sacrifices of Pakistan in war on terror always supports Indian interests by continuously blaming, penalizing and undermining Pakistan’s efforts. Sooner or the later it has to realize that why people look towards China with more love and affection. The reason is obvious. It never goes for destroying regional peace nor does it indulge itself in blame games. It honors sovereignty and freedom of the countries. It has emerged as second bigger economic power after USA. American economy is deteriorating like anything. It seems America is going to meet the same fate which Russia met after its invasion in to Afghanistan.

New York Times has recently published a news item that US army has sought Obama’s approval to enter its force into Pakistan’s western border is part of propaganda warfare and a pressure tactics tool. America’s policies are Afghanistan -Pakistan and Iran centric. Its establishment keeps a specific budget for destabilization of these countries. How the hell can India do terrorists activities in Pakistan and use Afghanistan soil to destabilize Pakistan if US doesn’t support the same.

To become a super power is may not be that difficult but to maintain its supremacy is really gigantic task. US has opted the way of aggression and killing the innocents through its state of the art technology. It is throwing drones on innocent masses. May be its drone have killed some of the real terrorists as well but the number of innocents being killed is much more than that of its real target.

Ironically America is not pushed for the innocents being killed because of the collateral damage being caused during drones and its operations. However it is worried for its own citizens as few days back it pulled back Miss. Elizabeth Rood, Consul General of the US in Peshawar, Pakistan reportedly because of the threats from the Talibans. US have also called back its country head of American CIA in Pakistan, Jonathan Banks. He is also believed to have left after receiving security threats. So matter of the fact is that America is worried about the security of each and every of its citizen which is good thing at the part of any state. But it must honor the lives of the citizens of its allied countries specifically Pakistan. America have to accept the fact that due to its presence in Afghanistan and sending drones to the western border of Pakistan is causing severe threats to the lives of the local masses in the shape of counter terror activities by the extremists.

Subsequently nothing is new its review strategy of Afghanistan as it revolves around the same do more mantra. Learning form almost a decade over experiences and the music it is facing in Afghanistan it must realize that military operations alone can’t bring change till the time they are supported by the political strategy which is missing in Afghanistan.

It is said that the character makes the destiny of a man, of a society, of a nation and of a civilization. Henry Miller, who was a coincidently a famous American philosopher once said;

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

The quote of the famous American philosopher definitely draws a difference between the vision of the nations and their leadership which they possess regarding the broader betterment of the humanity and survival of the mankind. It may be fine at the part of Mr. Barack Obama if he could lend an ear to the Chinese PM’s statement that “We should not link terrorism to any specific religion or nation, and avoid pursuing double standard while dealing with the issue. We should rather focus on the root causes of terrorism and ways to eliminate them”.


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