Think about 47's dreamed Nation

(Fahad Khalid, Mansehra)

71 years ago we started with the beacon of hope and today that beacon is no more and we stand in darkness. There is despondency and hopeless surrounding us. Today our nation is facing a very dreadful situation sometimes I think that if this nation is going further from that kind of unfavorable situation we lost our identity ,hope, honor and also the Flag .Today our nation is facing rampant corruption ,lawlessness, lack of education, crumbled economy, provincial disharmony ,increase population, our descending credibility and many more innumerable problems which can't be write on a single sheet of paper. The reasons behind this is only our inept awam(Every single person) our political hysteria ...Now time comes to change our destiny to rebuild our nation ,to protect our beloved country from further dreadful decades of democracy its time to restore the Quaid's democratic state ..The question arises .How it could be done? How to brings back our dream nation? How to make our country free from blatant corruption? Thousands of reasons but only one and utmost is to choose the best leaders but here again question arises how to choose best one if u have 1 dozen apples and all are rotten then how...?For that we must need to change our way of thinking, we must need to pick out the least effected apple ( having some qualities to be chosen as for the betterment of our worthy land ),we must need to sincere about our mother land, we must avoids our personal interests for our nation. There is no time to identify the maladies and work out remedies its time to prevent land from further wounds. Instead of clashes among each other elect the impeccable characters for our beloved Land.

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