We need Hope

(Shagufta ALi, Rawalpindi)

Far away from home, living in a big city alone without parents, siblings, relatives and peers. Walking on the roads alone before 9 pm at night, it’s very dreadful. Very tough time, but never despair and made strong hope to achieve something that is true destination. During this period of life many people tease me but i don’t stop, move forward and let leave people. Love yourself more and love each other a lot!!!

Teasing makes one’s life hard and very tough for survival. Laughing at someone appearance is teasing. Why people do this? It is so hard, people put down a person and he starts getting depressed. Physical look of a person doesn’t matter, who is he? Perhaps, it made a person personality but not wholly.

In every street my brothers and sisters teased that person, who is different from them? They are crazy about their strength that how powerful is it? Instead of it, if they say the words like; sorry, how are u? , please, forgive etc. But a person is stuck with bad things. These words are becoming tough in our society. I had experienced all periods of positive transitions as well as negative transitions in my life. At last, I conclude that hope is expected amused, that brings changing in the lives of people.

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آپ کی رائے
its the part of our society where people with wrong intentions are trying to betrayed or teasing you in this situation you should have the strong believe on yourself to face the problems for survival. that is definitely hope!!
By: qayoom, gilgit on Jun, 19 2018
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