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(Maemuna Sadaf, Rawalpindi)

On 20 Jun 2018 from 3PM to 4:30PM, London Institute of South Asia (LISA) headed by Mr Ismat Saeed organized a discussion on book “Betrayal of India”, written by Mr Elisa Davidson. Discussion was arranged in The House of Lords, Parliament of United Kingdom (UK).

Other than the author himself, the event was attended by around 100 Indians and majority from Pakistani community, turned up for the event. Lord Nazir chaired the event while Lord Qurban & MP Faisal Rasheed were among prominent participants.

Barrister Iftikhar ex-Senator presented the loops in the case of Mumbai attacks. He declared Mumbai Attacks as drama or operation of Indian intelligence itself. The said drama was plotted on the pattern of 9/11. This drama has benefited India and United States of America (USA) while Pakistan was the victim of its aftermaths. This drama has weakened Pakistan’s position internationally. These attacks drew widespread global condemnation.

Unfortunately, Pakistani Government has not defended this case nicely on international front. Later on, Ex-Prime minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif gave statement in favor of this drama. The said incident took place in 2008 but India is still crying against Pakistan. Without solid proof, India is blaming Pakistan for these attacks.

Writing more, the said book is an eye-opening book for all parties. The book radically shed clear light on every event. The difference between actual events and official Indian Narrative is comprehensively evaluated. For Pakistani people, the book is clearly narrating role of Pakistani politicians. The world can also see clear face of India in this book. The book can also serve as a wake up call to the Indian public. They should literate themselves from the grips of a predatory, corrupt and cruel ruling class.

Indians cannot blame Pakistan for this book or deny the credibility because the writer is not Pakistani. The writer is an independent civilian journalist. He investigated the event of 9/11 as well and wrote a book “Hijacking America’s Mind on 9/11”. He had written “Psychologische Krieghfuhrung und gesellschaftliche Leugnung” also. He is famous for his investigative books in which he used to highlight the facts and figures of master plans.

The author chronologically proved the incident with reference of his researched based evidences that the incident was orchestrated by India and got benefit from it on global level. “We will also understand how easy it was, on the basis of such narrative, to get a bonanza of funds and equipments for Mumbai police. (735-736). the fruit of this drama was an immediate 21% increase in military aid along with a tilt in US foreign policy towards India.

Furthermore, he wrote “that major institutional actors in India, the US and possibly Israel, were complicit in conceiving, planning, directing and executing the attacks of 26/11” (873) but the evidence of a deceptive investigation is even stronger.

Lord Nazir highlighted the negligence of Pakistani political elite and Maj Gen (R) Durrani, then Pakistani National Security Authority. In handling the issue rather they benefited the Indian narrative and accepted responsibility in haste. Even they have not waited for solid proof.

It may be noted that the event could not get much attraction among non Pakistani British personnel and politicians. This event has no significant political benefit for British Member of Parliament or India from academia. The media or think tank community has not turned up. Even Pakistani media has not given enough coverage to this event. The said attitude shows that Pakistani have to defend them and explain their narrative in vivid words internationally. Pakistani media should also behave more responsibly, the way Indian media always promoted Indian narrative.

On the other hand, this shows inefficiency of foreign office. From last three decades Pakistan has no clear foreign policy. It also shows lack of ability of Pakistani elite to stand on its narrative in front of international pressure.

Concluding more, it is need of the hour to develop a sound and patriotic foreign policy narrative. Foreign office should be strong enough to defend Pakistan’s Narrative internationally.

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