“The idea of change seems to back-pedaled”

(Awais Haider, Islamabad)

“I welcome change as long as nothing is altered or different”

In any political party, there are those who will swoop on any available opportunity for personally gain, to extend political influence while compromising previously held political as well as moral principles. These opportunists are particularly rife when the elections are just around the corner and political parties are to distribute party tickets for provincial as well as national assemblies.

Trend of Party switching is very common in Pakistan as the candidates will take sides with whom they have best chances to get the ticket and being elected; similarly on the other sides the political parties favor the people who have greater influence to secure majority votes regardless of their moral characters,their previous association with other parties.

Imran Khan- a man with a charismatic persona, the founder of Tehreek-I-Insaf, with his pleonasm imbued with a sense of honesty and honour has fomented the cynic youth of Pakistan madly wanting to see a refashion the political culture of nepotism and the notion of might is right. Youth has branded Imran Khan and his party PTI as a wave of change.

“The idea of change seems to back-pedaled”

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s mandate is to free society from corruption,land mafia,favouritism,family dynasty culture. The list of politicians joining Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf for last 2 month continues to grow.Major concern here for the youth and the public in general supporting Khan Saab is that what if PTI fails to win the 2018 elections,is there any assurance that this list will not reduce, people who have changed their loyalties before election will not change their stance if they were not given party tickets. What difference does it make if public in general and youth in particular are served the same venom of corruption in a different spoon-Is this the WAVE OF CHANGE, same representatives with a changed platform….?

As it is quite evident from the issue of distributing party tickets creating a great hustle in party members that led them to stage “Dharna-a trend started by Khan Saab himself” at his residence in Bani-Gala. Doesn’t it imply that Khan Saab is nurturing the opportunist culture here while distributing party tickets to those with greater influence who can easily fund the party regardless of their political history and character in an attempt to avail the opportunity of getting an edge over the opposition.The workers claimed that the party has not issued tickets on basis of merit.
“There’s something wrong with you character if opportunity control your loyalty”

Well it’s time for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and its Leadership to prove its stance that it runs on transparency or it can simply follow the philosophy of Ends Defines the Means.

Youth of Pakistan regard Imran Khan “a stand-up guy”-determined,brave and an optimist for better future.I personally admire Imran Khan’s stance against the odd system in Pakistan but what bothers me particularly and youth in general is that :“Even the best-intended talk is hollow if not followed by corresponding action”
Well this is the case. We-the youth, is not getting what is promised.

The Costs of Hollow Leadership can be high, any upshot of a gaffe may lead to severity and harshness of the situation.

In closing, based on what I have shared, it is just an opinion that if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. We-the youth wants to let Khan Saab know that we care for his stance and don’t want to see -The idea of change to back-pedaled.

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