Everything Is Fair In Love And War. Is This Really The Case?

(Tayyab Idrees, Islamabad)

Sometimes, we ourselves are surprised by the abilities of our mind and heart to travel together in so much harmony and take us in to an in-depth visit of those alleys of thoughts where we had never even thought about wandering. Recently, just another random day out of my busy life took me into the deepest waters of thoughts and I started to ponder over something that I never actually though about even once. “Everything is fair in love and war” we all have been hearing this term from quite a while now but little did we ever try to doubt or even investigate whether it is really something we need to agree to or not. Let me try to explain you my thoughts towards the matter.

Let us break this into parts and ponder over it together. Everything is fair in love. Literally, this means that you can go and cross any limit to get what you love. No sane mind can even think about this. There is always a limit associated to each and everything and crossing them is not only hurtful for the one you are going against but your own self. Imagine leaving everyone and everything to only work hard to earn all the time just to buy the dream car of your choice and after you have got that perfect car of your dreams there is none of your loved one with you to cheer you up during your first ever drive or to sing loudly to the beats of the song you first ever played. Here you hurt and leave everyone to get the car you love and eventually end up all alone. Imagine snatching a human from someone using wrong means and conspiracies just to win the heart of your favorite human and the find out about all your tactics a while ago and their previous “no feelings towards you” change into “strong hate for you”.

Let’s ponder over the second part. If “everything is fair in war” then it means you can emotionally and physically hurt anyone who is in the process of fighting a war with you. It means that USA throwing drones of the innocent people just because they live in same areas as their enemies is fine. It means that there is no harm if the countries send their armies into their enemy country’s territory to kill the women, old men, and even the new born infants. It is ok to destroy the buildings and gardens of the houses of the enemy probably because, who knows, the buildings might be providing assistance to your enemies in fighting too.

This can make us wonder if really anything we have been told or have been hearing since our childhood makes complete sense. The biggest mistake of this generation is not to go below the surface of things and just believing in things as we hear them. Perhaps, our modern technology has made us habitual of relaxing and believing in things as they are. We do not like to move even a single of our limb and are seekers of as much comfort as we can have. Or perhaps our busy lives have made us so lazy that we don’t even notice the most important things we experience every day and whether they are really on truth. Here, my friends, all I wanted to say ends. Now I give an open choice for you to agree or disagree with me when I say that “Everything is not fair in love and war”.

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