Pakistan's Election; Opinion of a common Pakistani

(Khizer Abbas, Bagh Azad Kashmir)

"I am supporting No One". This was the answer of one of my friend when I asked him about which political party he's supporting in upcoming Elections. I was surprised to hear this answer and wanted to ask more. But after Listening to his opinion I was highly Disappointed Because all he was saying was fact-based but a Bitter Truth.

He said that It's been 10 years since 2008-2018, First time in the history of Pakistan Two Civilian Government had completed their tenure but there is no betterment in Country's position. Democracy is supposed to be the best form of Government But in Pakistan, It is in fact Parody of Democracy.

In 2008 Pakistan Peoples Party Got Majority of seats with the slogan of "ROTI KAPRA OR MAKAN" but instead of providing peoples these things they deprived them of these things and the Country's situation continued to worsen. In 2013 Pakistan PML-N won the elections and formed Government with the Slogan of rooting Out the problem of Load shedding but at the end, Shahbaz Sharif said that " Our Government is ending by today, by tomorrow we are no longer responsible for Load-shedding.

 State of common people was far better in Eras of Dictators as compared to in Eras of democratic leaders. The economy functioned much better in a dictatorship. Decisions were taken much faster. The workflow was much quicker While Politicians are more interested in their personal benefits. Most of our political leaders are feudal lords and they are known as political leaders. They lack vision and are not sincere to there motherland. This is the reason that most of the Democratic leaders met at an Unfortunate End.

The election in Pakistan is less election and more selection. Each party is waiting for its turn. PML-N after PPP and now it is looking like that it is PTI's turn but problems and troubles which currently a common man faces Education, Health, load shedding, Terrorism, and Corruption are still there and as per history it is looking like that they are not going to be solved at least by not having such weak Government structure. he asked me that in these prevailing conditions when are supposed to choose not between right an wrong but between more wrong and less wrong. How I am supposed to support someone.

After listening to his views I realized that he is not alone but there are also many like him. Moreover, we also have an inner voice which calls for the betterment of system, betterment of country and betterment of poor common people which is buried under our liking and disliking of political parties. So It is need of the hour that we should set aside our personal interest and should think about Pakistan’s interest so that we can be able to find to such leader who believes in fulfilling promises instead of only making them and thus we can make Pakistan a happy country to live in.

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