Suicide Cowardice or Bravery:

(Aqib Jameel, Islamabad)

(Suicide) when this word comes to our mind most of us think what a coward killing themselves so easily. How can it be so easy? It is not that easy imagine a Person just a step away to kill himself/herself from jumping a roof, tying him/her with a fan, eating pills or etc. Those 30 seconds are not easy when you are reviving everything happening in your life mistakes, regrets, love, friends and family with that constant thought of being fed up of life. One needs to acquire a lot of courage for those 30 seconds.

They are undergoing more than we can ever imagine, the pain which they going through which have exhausted them from life. They are so much brave to go through this part when you are in between of death and life .One side it is death which might not be beautiful, But ending of all shadows of pain. On other side a life waits for him full of immeasurable pain. Now the question arises what are the major reasons of this suicides. There are three reasons of suicide

Reason 1
Individuals who have come to the significant knowledge that there life has no meaning and they have no desire living in this world, it might be the inner self who has compelled them over the years to do it or imposed by the society (which plays a significant role of others suicide. The act is intentional (rational and purposive) and the act is subjectively consistent with the person’s wishes.

Reason 2:
Physical health for some incurable diseases are responsible for the suicides of the patients, they get so fed up of the pain and the pain of their loved ones going through. It is hard and cruel to live such a life.

Reason 3:
Often suicide happens as one’s pain excess the resources to cope up the pain. The Individual is not a bad person/crazy/weak or unsound, If he/she feels suicidal. It only means that he/she has more pain than they can cope with right now. Practical most people who die by suicide have some sort of mental health issues like emotional instability which usually results of clinical depression. This individual is most probably desperate to get rid of the pain and compelled to commit suicide by a state of great disorder.

Under such suicide, Individual would have three things would be present
• They might feel disconnected from people, roaming alone and abandoned.
• They feel they’re burden to others.
• They would be living in a state of fearlessness.

It would not be the feelings or crying out loud .That was a human being who decided to exit the world. Even there are times we all might have thought about suicide some day or other and if you have not congrats you have got some other plans. But if that day come’s don’t be afraid ask yourself do you want to do this or would it be worth it without that plan come true.
You may not have thought about doing it yourselves, but you have at least on some occasion or other, found appealing the idea of it somehow just happening. (As painlessly as possible, thank you very much. Life is hard enough without going out of it in more pain than absolutely necessary.)

Many people put on their brave masks so no one could judge them and live their lives fooling others that they are happy and good. They suddenly shock us by ending their lives. What went wrong?

Life is not always the bed of roses .Life does not by itself provide us with a many reasons to go on living it. It's not like hope is a built-in feature of day-to-day experience. We're all vulnerable: we all have anxiety and agony and despair. Life is a struggle. As Samuel Beckett once said: “No, I regret nothing. All I regret is having been born. Dying is such a long, tiring business, I always found.”

All this is not about motivating you to do suicide or considering suicide is a good thing even though suicide is a personal issue .but to make a understanding that it is not easy to kill yourself which needs a lot of courage. There are many lives yet struggling to live up with all the pain out there. Just go and understand their issues, help them out for that to make their pain less. Even those who have lost their loved ones with suicide never thing bad of them, they had their reasons. In the end I can’t bring them who died in suicide but from the entire world we are sorry mates we couldn’t understand you.

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