Challenges to New Government :

(Bilal Aziz, )

We are making history. We have achieved another democratic transition successfully. Parliament has completed two full tenures without any hindrance, and two successive elected government have completed their terms but unfortunately no Prime Minister could do that. As Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) takes the leading position in General Election 2018, it is likely to face multiple challenges as a new ruling party.So, Khan should prepare himself mentally and institutionally to face the situation.

The first and foremost will be dealing with opposition parties which declared election as equivocal and inequitable. As Khan has already set the trend of erroneous allegations, demonstrations and pickets.

The next big challenge is socio-economic problems. List of economic challenges is very roomy including slow GDP growth, high financial deficit, a troubling balance of payment lean tax collection, lower exports, rising inflation and higher public debits. In the same way social problems are also large in scale. Poverty, illiteracy, over population, unemployment, hygienes issues, extremism, sectarianism and many others are social problems. Besides this water scarcity is also a huge challenge.

Next comes reformation. Khan pledged multiple times during his election speeches to introduce reforms in all civil institutions like Police, NAB, FBR etc. To prove himself a progressive demagogue Khan needs to take bold steps to make institutions non political, transparent and efficient. Endeavors must do to curtail corruption and other institutional problems.

Next in queue is International Challenges including Foreign Policy. World is so rapidly changing, new blocks are being made and International arena is moving towards multipolarity system. Terrorism and Holy wars are a threat to International peace. Besides traditional, non traditional issues like Global warming and climate change need proper attention. In this scenario new government needs to revisit Pakistan's foreign policy and should try to make friendly and peaceful relations with all countries especially with neighbours and Muslim countries and to preserve National Interest. Problem of FATF list should be solved on priorities bases. Pakistan has suffered a lot economically and socially by terrorism and ongoing 'War Against Terrorism'. Peaceful Afghanistan means peaceful Pakistan. Due to its geographical position Pakistan has to play a vital rule in International issues either in case of Afghanistan or any other issue in South Asia. So, we should keep ourselves ready for coming days.

Last but not least, political stability is necessary and crucial for Pakistan's prosperity. Political parties and other stake holders including military should be on table to solve out challenges. We need stabilize political and economic stability to mover further. Economy and security go shoulder by shoulder. So our law enforcement agencies have to play a significant rule in this situation. Fiasco of political and economic system would lead us toward devastation and debacle. Time has come to move forward and in right direction. We need to prove ourselves hero, not a villain.

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