Tourism and Pakistani Economy

(Muhammad Ali Malik, Gujrat)

Pakistan is a country which is struggling to be politically stable. only two assemblies completed their years tenure, that shows that there has been political instability in Pakistan since its birth.

it is the tragedy of Pakistan that it has not got a single sincere political leader. besides this here in Pakistan law an rules are only for poor, the rich can easily bypass the law.

If we get peace and stability in our country we will make progress by leaps and bounds. Our country is enriched with every kind of natural beauty , which attracts the foreign visitors.

but for this purpose we need to make Pakistan a peaceful country. In the World tourism is a billion dollar industry. But unfortunately we are not getting benefit of this industry.

in Pakistan there are countless worth seeing places. We have Muree, Hunza, Naran, kaghan, and Gilgit. We also have Kashmir that is called the paradise on earth. People from all over the World want to see this beautiful place, but they are afraid to come to Pakistan.

We must have to create such a peaceful satiation in our county that every tourist can feel safe and sound in Pakistan.

And if there is peace in Pakistan they will have no hesitation to come here.

When we are able to resolve peace issue after that, we have to provide more and more facilities to the tourists, so they can enjoy their visit to Pakistan with peace of mind and sense of security.

Last Paragraph
when we will be able to create such satiation it would helpful in the progress of tourism industry in Pakistan. It will also create a lot of job opportunities in the country.

In other words tourism will play a vital role in the progress and prosperity of Pakistan.

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