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(Syed Haseen Abbas Madani, Karachi)

I visited China many times, and found Chinese very much loving Pakistan and its population, this is not a political show business but it can be seen that Chinese really love with the core of their heart. I could not conclude that how the entire population of China is given this Love or training to love Pakistan and its people. In the war of 1965 Chinese population was very angry with Indians even at Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

I would like to share one of my own experience that how Chinese love and respect us and our country. In December 1985, I had to join urgently a ship at Shanghai Port, it was Saturday evening and I was unable to apply for visa of China, I flew for Hong Kong and from there I had to take flight to Shanghai. The immigration authorities of Hong Kong were not agreed to send me without visa and they had an agreement between the Air Lines that if anyone will be brought without visa the same Airline will take him back to his place of embarkation. I requested the immigration authority to ask Shanghai that for Pakistan citizens there is no visa required, I was not very clear in this aspect but just because of Chinese intimacy and love for Pakistan I just tried my luck. The Immigration man was very impolite he asked me if I am a VIP, I replied, if I am not a VIP but for Chinese we are good friend. In the mean time he called Shanghai immigration and received, “send him immediately he does not need visa”, and that man called me “Mr.VIP go to the plane and I boarded to the plane for Shanghai.

When the plane arrived at Shanghai, there was a huge queue of the passengers to go to immigration.

One Chinese person came to me and asked in Chinese, if I am from Pakistan, I replied Yes (Dui), he hugged me and took me directly to the immigration and presented my passport to the immigration where he asked for immigration fee, this man replied, no need (pu yong). After grant of visa he took to the Agent of my joining ship m.v Ibn-e-Younus and I arrived at Shanghai port and stayed one night at Royal Hotel Shanghai then joined the ship next day.

When he had received the first phone from Hong Kong he had collected all the information about me and came to receive me respectably same as if I was really a VIP.

I can never forget, their love and respect for me for which I am always thankful to my Chinese brothers.
Let me tell you that since the beginning Chinese worship One God which they pronounce Shangdi for Allah they say "Zhen Zhu" Actually they are the off spring of Prophet Noah, and Chinese is the only language which has documented the Flood of Prophet Noah. We have no enmity with Han people. Prophet Noah was having 4 sons one was drowned in the Flood because he did not obey his father and never seek refuge on the Ark (Boat).The rest three sons were Ham Sam and Yafath, the off spring of Yafath bin Noah were the Yjoog Majoog(Gog Magog) the off spring of Sam bin Noah the other world population and the off spring of Ham (Han) the Chinese Han people.

The off spring of Sam bin Noah are the population after Hazrat Ibrahim since that time they have enmity with Muslims(off spring of Hazrat Hajira) and the off spring of Hazrat Saira starts with hazrat Ishaq and Yaqoob (Islaeel) and his branches. They always were against the Hajira son Ismail.

But with Han people we had no problem. This I think is the logic of the friendship with Chinese

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