Why goal?

(Shagufta Ali, Hunza)

As we are all living on the greenly planet called Earth. So we are the inhabitant of the earth. Earth futures goal is to give every living and nonliving a shelter. Earth is a home for us, which protect us from the space stormy gases, rocks etc.

Sometimes, I often think about what is my future goal. When I start to thinking, my brain nerves moving directions flowing towards all direction. There is no one way on which I deeply think on it and focus my concentration on that.

Whatever we doing we have to pay for it? In our future, we have different types of goals some of them are unlimited desires. Our future goal must be caring, which cares about us. To set our future goal first, we have to think what we are planning about our life. Planning about life is a success key to fulfill our goals and reached our destination.

All of the people must have a smart goal for their lives. Think about their life strategy, move forward, compete other, and don’t waste their time. We have to trust on our self then we are automatically success in our lives. Trust reaches us to the peak of our future destination. In our life to gain our future goal, we have to face a lot of troubles, but we faced all with struggle and smiled faces. At every second our face expressions are changed, it does depend upon our moods. Perhaps, our goal mood will never change until we don’t achieve it. Once you want, do something you have to accomplish it. Gaining our goals gives us pleasure happiness and peace. Goals are our life steps, which bring bright in our future. If we think to do something we can because it fall us to the light area, never say we can’t because it falls us into the dark area.

Courage yourself, move onward and gain whatever you want in your life.

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