India’s war hysteria and Pakistani media

(Maemuna Sadaf, Rawalpindi)

Indo-Pak relations have witness fluctuations in past. Peace dialogues have always been ended fruitlessly. By the change of Government in Pakistan, an invitation for peace dialogue is initiated. Prime Minister (PM) Pakistan Imran Khan wrote a formal letter to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. At the first, the invitation was accepted by Indian Government. India inclined for a meeting of Foreign Ministers on sidelines of UNGA session in the USA. However, Indian Army Chief backed Government’s decision to call of dialogues with Pakistan. India revoked accommodative posture with belligerence and warmongering hysteria using a fake pretext of killing three policemen in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). India blamed PM Imran Khan directly in this episode. India also blamed Pakistan army for torturing dead body of Indian solider.

After India’s cancelation decision of dialogues, Indian media orchestrated campaign keeping the ante of war hysteria. Indian Army chief Bipin Rawat also came with hollow claims of a surprise attack. He claimed to make Pakistan realize of so-called “India bleeding game”. Indian media and social activists have been fraught with the warmongering news item. Hence, Indian media is creating a hostile atmosphere to allege Pakistan for all evils. Indian media is deliberately covering procurement of weapons, the conduct of missile weaponry, foiling so-called infiltrations bids etc. Indian social media activists are projecting Pakistan a hostile country for terrorism. They are also creating a public opinion that war against Pakistan is necessary for India’s betterment.

Writing more, it is the time of greater responsibility on Pakistani media. Our media has to respond positively and wisely against Indian propaganda. Our media should project that Indian media “created situation” is aimed at keeping the tension between Pakistan and India. As this is a preface attempt to neutralize any activity on the part of Pakistan in UNGA to project situation of IOK. India has started this war hysteria to divert the world’s attention from barbaric acts of Indian forces in IOK. Media may also highlight that Indian deep state usually stage “false flag operations” in IOK. Indian army was unable to present proof of these flag operations even in its own parliament. Indian Government is also blamed for huge corruption in the purchase of Rafale aircraft from France. It has been highly criticized for both corruptions in Rafale aircraft dealand atrocities in occupied Kashmir.

Media should also project that Pakistan army is far more professional than Indian army. Pakistan army is well equipped and Pakistan has far better ammunition than India. Pakistan army and Pakistani nation have lost more than 70,000 persons in War against terror including Army personnel and public. Pakistan knows the cost of war. Pakistan is the only country who has cleared its territory from terrorists and won the war. Pakistan army is able to fight with anyone but Pakistan’s vision is to keep peace in the region. Pakistan wants its people to live a better life, healthy relations with neighboring countries, andthe trade to flourish in the region. But India is falsely taking Pakistan as a weak nation and the vision of peace is taken as a coward gesture.

Media should also project that Pakistan army is far more professional than Indian army. Pakistan army is well equipped and Pakistan has better ammunition than India. India should not take Pakistan army for granted.

Concluding more, Pakistan also supports Kashmiris in their freedom movement on bilateral grounds. Pakistan highlights the problem of Kashmir in every international front. India wants to engage Pakistan in this war hysteria to avoid bilateral talks. India’s arrogant behavior is a stunt to divert the world’s view from Kashmir to Pak-India relations. Pakistan media should act as a part of Pakistan army and provide a constant support to them. It should also respond to Indian media by projecting the truth about India’s hostile posture.

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