Lost Your Suitcase? 7 Smart Ways to Use Luggage Tags

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Many people love to travel, many don't. But one thing that we all hate about while traveling is to lose our luggage. When you are traveling with just a small bag, you keep it with yourself in the plane; but when you are going somewhere with a large suitcase, it is mandatory to consign it to the care of your transport provider.

A luggage tag may help you to identify your belongings, but it is not as easy as it sounds. In order to spot your luggage properly, it is important to use your luggage tag smartly. Because it really shocks you when you arrive at a new place and suddenly you come to know that you have lost your suitcase. But no worries, here are a few tips that will help you in using your luggage tag properly.

Add contact details.
Write your full name, address, telephone number, and an e-mail address on the tag. In case someone finds your suitcase or if it is mistakenly given to a person you don't know, this information will help him/her in delivering it back to you. If possible, clearly mention your plane information as well in this section.

Go digital!
If you don't want to write your contact details on your luggage tag, there is another option for you, which is to use a digital tag. A digital tag displays a barcode, which the airline official will have to scan on the airport in order to identify your luggage. But keep in mind that not all the airports currently have this facility.

Use Water-resistant tags.
A water-resistant luggage tag is better than an ordinary one. If somehow, something liquid falls over the luggage tag, it would become wet and the information you wrote on it would be destroyed. But, if this tag is waterproof, it will protect your information from getting smudged. You can easily purchase a cheap water-resistant suitcase tag from the Internet.

Use customized tags.
Using a plain luggage tag is boring. So, add some fun to your travel by using personalized stickers for your luggage tag. In order to identify your belongings quickly, be creative while customizing your tag. If you are someone who travels a lot, you can add pictures of different places to your luggage tag, and they will surely look beautiful on it.

Use multiple luggage tags.
There are times when your suitcase tag gets misplaced. By using multiple tags on your suitcase, you will not have to worry about this problem. If one tag gets misplaced, the other will save you from facing a difficult situation.

Avoid sharp edge.
Sometimes, while removing the tag from your belongings, you harm yourself because the corners of the tag are so sharp. This happens mostly when you are in a hurry. A luggage tag with the soft corners is safe to use for the people who are always in hurry.

Colors are beautiful!
If you often face difficulty in identifying your belongings, you can attach a brightly colored tag to your suitcase. These types of tags shine when they come in contact with the rays of sunlight. Also, they will make your belongings look unique.

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