A motivational place to visit

(Maria Nisar, Faisalabad)

“A thing of beauty is joy forever”

Thomas cook is the father of tourism. The word “tourism” has been extracted from word “tour”. It is a Latin word and refered from an old English area. Different ages explore old history of the tourism. Early travel was to find out the food or to escape from horrors. Persians would use travel for military use. Modern travel was introduced by Greeks. Then renaissance period came which was the age of “revival of things” or “re-birth”. They were diplomat, business men and scholars.

Money, time motivation and mobility are components of tourism. Tourism can be domestic and international with positive and negative aspects.

“To travel is to live”

The positive view of tourism is it is a service industry with generating jobs . People get environmental change, social exposure, educational views, beautification of the city and the role of government in investment.

The negative view of tourism is harmful enviornment. It can be affected religiously. Exploitation of youngsters. Negativism for local people.

There are many cities to visit in Pakistan but Lahore is one of my ideal and visionary place because it is a historical place. Different things like Badshahi mosque, Masjid wazir khan,Akber mandi,Anarkli and Lahore fort are famous to visit .It is a heaven and known as the heart of Pakistan. It must be visited by tourists because it iliuminates the minds of the travelers and they find innovative and literary things to develop.

“Travel makes a wise man better but a fool wrose”

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