Peace prevailed or Anarchy delayed?

(M Rashid Tabassum, Banu)

By: Awais Zahid Abbasi
Unfortunately, 2nd of November was not a good day for Pakistan but yes an agreement between TLP and government was agreed upon. Whether it was a good agreement or not but it saved Pakistan from a major bloodshed inside the country. Yes, writ of the state was murdered but at the loss of few. Yes, writ of state would have emerged as the winner but at the cost of massive bloodshed. So we should mourn or celebrate it will depend on what you want to focus?

The same day Pakistan also lost a religious scholar, called ‘father of Afghan Taliban’, an important political name from history and important actor for the upcoming peace process in Afghanistan from Pakistan’s side. The modus operandi used to kill him was traditional but a master hand was applied. On the other hand, another young scholar and activist of the Afghan peace process was attacked but succeeded in saving his life. Despite this, Interior minister kept his silence because maybe was not in the country, otherwise, he would have apologized.

Factual analysis of today’s events is good to understand critical part of inquisitive thoughts called why. Afghan Peace process is critical for Pakistan because Pakistan is no more willing to be a part of the war and any other solution than peace, as peace in Pakistan is directly linked to peace in Afghanistan. Who doesn’t want Pakistan to exercise her sovereignty in full spectrum? Is there anyone who is desperate enough to harm Pakistan in crucial times? And mainly when all fault lines are visible and easy to exploit? In present scenarios, Pakistan and United States are not at good terms and Pakistan is aligned and in a relationship with a state that the United States knows as potential enemy and challenger for the leadership of the world. At these times if Pakistan would take such decisions then India and US have to bully her as a rule of international politics under the game of interests? But now it’s Pakistan’s turn to either get bullied or chant metoo to initiate another trend in under-developed and developing world crying for massive interference in the internal affairs of state.

Other than targeted harm, there was another fault line to exploit. This was so visible that a naked eye can find out upon one gaze at ground reality apparent from the remnants of violence and even at a digital world where a heated debate of what to do was rising to extremist ends. This was Faizabad sit-in after Asia Bibi’s blasphemy case. An issue based on such a critical subject that is an integral part of a Muslim’s faith. The slightest dent in its real assessment could have gone towards massacre, unfortunately inviting another Tehreek e Taliban to emerge and this time from a most populated area called Punjab. Imagine if this fault line was merged with the killing of Maulana Samiul Haq, What would have happened if students of Madrisa Haqqania and its branches have come out on roads for losing their teacher? At the same time when TLP leaders were issuing fatwas of the open killing of known personalities. The winner would have been the enemy of Pakistan.

Yes, consequences of what happened today and what was happening from a few days would have been worse than what we witnessed in past days but it highlighted administrative failure in Pakistan’s internal security. The Question is what we will do about it and how we’ll integrate with the external security of Pakistan. Undoubtedly Pakistan is going through a transition phase where the goal is to emerge as sovereign power -free from chains of historical mistakes. But somehow instigators of hatred and violence on the name of Islam have to be placed under serious lens box so that peace is maintained internally and to deny anarchy.

The writer is an MPhil scholar of Strategic Studies at National Defense University and founder of Nigah – a social enterprise.

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