The awesome benefits of fruits

(Mehmaiz Ali, Lahore)

While taking care of our diet, we should not forget that fruits are very important for our health. When you eat fruits that are fresh, it makes your body clean. Fruits are full of vitamins that help us to fight many diseases.

You don't have to eat a bunch of fruits to make yourself healthy. But, even a single apple a day can keep the doctor away. If you don't add fruits to your breakfast, your diet is not complete. Instead of taking tea, it's good to eat fruits in the breakfast.

There are a number of benefits associated with the fruits. For example, if you eat a few fruits like orange or grapefruit a day, you can save yourself from the heart diseases and various other kinds of illnesses. As a person grows old, the risk of heart problems increase. Fruits have all the essential vitamins and minerals to keep your heart in a good condition. The risk of heart attack also reduces as you start adding fruits to your diet.

After having lunch, you can eat two bananas to keep yourself energized. According to a research, the people who eat fruits daily decrease their chances of heart attack by 15 percent because the fruits help in circulating the blood.

Fruits are not only good for your health, but they can also be eaten as snacks. Instead of eating chips or chocolates, you can have some fruits to enjoy the taste. Moreover, if you drink a glass of fresh fruit juice before having a meal, you will feel satisfied and eat according to the requirement of your body.

Fruits come in different sizes, colors and shapes and are grown in many countries. Pakistan is famous for its tasty mangoes, which are exported to the other countries as well. People all over the world know the taste of Pakistani mangoes.

Most of the fruits contain antioxidants, which are good for our immune system. They are also great for our hair, skin and eyesight. Furthermore, you will reduce the chances of getting obese if you start eating the right amount of fruits.

By keeping your body hydrated all day long, fruits prevent constipation. Not only for physical health, but fruits are also good for our psychological health. They prevent anxiety and keep your brain in a good state. If you eat fruits every day, your memory power will also be enhanced.

The fiber, potassium, vitamins in the fruits help our bodies in maintaining a normal blood pressure. Also, the digestive system works better when we have the fruits in our diet.

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