Pakistan - US Relations with view to Afghanistan and Kashmir situation

(Sibtain Zia Rizvi, Islamabad)


Last week, US president, after exchanging some twitters with Islamabad government, has send Mr. Zilmey Khaleel Zad with a letter to PM of Pakistan, by requesting to play a positive role in settlement of Afghanistan conflict and peace process.

Before we discuss the future role of Pakistan in the case of peace process in Afghanistan, let us put a short summary events after 9/11. Soon after 9/11, Pakistan was partially blamed for some hidden relations with Taliban, as US officials pro-claimed that Taliban have their deep roots and nurseries in tribble areas of Pakistan. That time it was strong demand of US officials to take an appropriate action to curb against Talban inside the boundaries of Pakistan through military action.

In the meantime US attacked Afghanistan and destroyed the entire infrastructure of the Afghanistan where thousands of innocent citizens including children and women were brutally killed. Then US Army hold the area constantly till to date. In this process, US benefited from the Pakistani bases, and Pakistani Road and infrastructures for its logistic services. Resultantly, a series of terrorist activities and bomb blast started inside Pakistan settled area and terrorists hold their strong paws in Tribble area especially in North Waziristan, Wana and other tribble territories along Durand Line. This situation creates the chance to involve Pakistan’s public and Army in this War of US- Afghanistan which was started inside the boundaries of Pakistan. A strong force was engaged the the Pakistan to get clean these area from the terrorists occupation and their activities now a day occurred in shape of blasts in the entire areas of Pakistan, which effected markets, public places, mosques, tombs, Imam Bargahs and schools. Thousands of civilians including children and women in suicide bomber’s attacks and also thousands of military men were martyred in military operations in Swat, N. Waziristan and other settled areas. Still a large portion of Pak Army is committed in such limited operations as a huge consignment and their roots camps of terrorists have been destroyed by the Pak Army’s strong and long standing operation launched in concerned area.

On the other hand, US had launched its forces and dollars in Afghanistan to set an Afghan government which should be a reason for their prolong stay in Afghanistan to monitor the political relations and economic indicators of the region, influence of China, Russia towards relations with Pakistan, strengthen Indian weight in Afghanistan and to be an eye opener on Iran’s political and economic activities with its neighboring countries. As it is very clear the US thinks the presence of its troops in Afghanistan is now extreme necessary when Pak – China economic relations are grooming after opening Sea-Pack economic corridor and related developments In Gawader and other Chinese projects connected with Sea-pack. After establishing two governments in Afghanistan, still US is not in positions to change the ideas, culture and favour of Afghan’s people in its own favour. It is now universal truth that their no peace solution in Afghanistan by wars. Afghan history told us that this land had never be conquered by any external warier. Beside killing of thousands of US- military men and expending billions of dollars of war expenses, construction of infrastructures, establishing of hospitals and schools, various welfare projects through US NGOs, and having strong struggles of local disabled government set in Afghanistan only 40 – 45% area is being ruled over by Afghan government and rest of the 55 – 60% area is in control of Taliban. Hundreds of the families are in migration process from Afghan government control area to Taliban controlling area. Indeed US troops are now suffering in Afghanistan in very embarrassment and now US shows to the world that they have decided to leave Afghanistan its peaceful exclusions but in fact Washington wants there peace, limitation of Taliban, peaceful elections, spread and strength of Afghan government and presence of US troops in best interest of US government.

In the current situation, US ensured that peace in Afghanistan is only possible by efforts of dialogs of Pakistan with Taliban as there are strong historical and cultural ties in between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Their government to government relations in same geo-political situation and relations, people to people contacts, families relation on both sides of borders and religious relations.

US government has been realized by the Pakistan government that Pakistan had given great sacrifices by martyrs of their soldiers, loss of economy and instability by fighting US War inside own territories. Now instead by asking “do more”, US president Trump has changed its strategy toward relations with Pakistan and requested PM to put his interest and influence with Taliban and Afghan government towards peace process. All through US president this letter has well received by the government as well as by the people of Pakistan, It is very good decision by the PM to write a formal reply to Trump.

Matter is under discussion at various forums at various channels among the anchors and political analysts. The most common suggestion and recommendations are that Pakistan should co-operate in this matter by defending its own interests and goals and play an effective and positive role of peace process. As this letter is a new change and a good start of Pak- US relations especially with newly established government of Pakistan.

A suggested reply of this letter of Trump of be drafted and constituted covering Kashmir conflict in some decent paragraphs and manner, telling convincing him on our issues and problems which are being faced by Pakistan especially and rest of the region generally. Here is a smart picture of those issues which could be incorporated in this reply:-

Dear Mr. Trumps,

Your letter is well received by community of Pakistan, which shows some green signals toward a new and positive turn in US – Pakistan’s relations. Surely your government and its connected elements have corrected the record related to the sacrifices of Pakistan in case of War started by US in Afghanistan after 9/11. There is no need to remember you what happened in Afghanistan and with US troops in last 18 years.

This fire of war spread inside the boundaries of Pakistan in shape terrorist activities which includes bomb blast, target killing by suicide attackers, instability and destruction of our well grooming economy. This was gifted us thousands of dead bodies of our innocent citizen, martyrs of our soldiers, attacks on our worthy installations and division of our politicians on the issue. A major portion of our Army put into this war in kind of various operations to nip these terrorist activities. Besides martyrs, we lost our economy, we destroyed our infrastructures, our trade, economy and school education disturbed. Our neighbor enemy feeling such situation increased border and LOC violations, As the entire energy of our intellectuals, journalists, analysts, intelligence agencies were distributed in these additional problems, resultantly, RAW activities increased which effected our internal peace and harmony.

You know that since the creation of Pakistan, there is a conflict on our eastern border. 4 battles (1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999 (Kargal) have been fought. A constant conflict is the matter of independence of occupied Kashmir, where basic human rights are brutally violated. Where young generation is being killed or put in prisons for their crime of seeking of independency.
Civilian population inside the Azad Kashmir is being targeted now a day. Presently Pakistan is suffering from 3 sides, from our left side there is eastern border in between Pak – India. From right side our forces are still committed at Afghanistan border, and third side is top of our boundaries which is LOC.

We are feeling with great concern that UNO peace keeping mission are committed in all over the world, where there is some conflicts and basis human rights violated. A side UNO resolutions on Kashmir, for their right of vote for independence, why UNO Council for Peace is failed to establish peace in Occupied Kashmir. There are Kashmiri families on both sides of LOC.

You are requested to play a positive and effective role in UNO for early peace process in Kashmir, where Indian troops have converted entire occupied valley of Kashmir in a large and vast prison. Where entire occupied Kashmir has been developed in Military Cantonment. Where trade and industry is totally disturbed and destroyed. Where people’s basic rights of education, religion, right of speech have been confined. Majority of young people is in jails without any case. Where modesty of women is not safe and there is extreme food shortage especially for child. Kashmiri community in occupied Kashmir be given their right of freedom and independence. Beside this, there are our some connected and pending matters for which one is water dispute as all the rivers flowing towards Pakistanis territories have their origins in occupied Kashmir. We think that you are at the position to have a role of leadership in international arena.

We are also trying to put our all efforts to start the peace process in Afghanistan by making dialogs with Afghan officials and Taliban leaderships and your official there. We are also hopeful that said channel of dialogs will be started leaded by US at UNO platform in the light of UNO resolutions on Kashmir issue as well as using your bilateral relations with India to resolve this long outstanding Kashmir issue. It should also be assured that Peace, development in South Asia and start of various major trade and economic projects in this region is directly linked with Pakistan – India peace with a view to Kashmir Conflict. Because both the nations are armed with nuclear weapons. Moreover, regional organizations are also not playing their affective roles in the presence of this issue.

Yours faithfully.
Pakistai and Kashmiri Community.

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