Bad Governance

(Muhammad Yaseen, Karachi)

Pakistan has been troubled for the advancement of its institutional and human capacity to improve the livelihoods of its citizens since its beginning.

Pakistan lacks good governance; there should be an emphasis on government’s inability to tackle public resources and public affairs. We as a country are a pure example of failure of a government because the society is unable to meet basic needs, making the best of resources and disposal as well. Bad governance contributes to a lot; corruption in society since people, crimes, exploitation of human rights, lack of accountability and no freedom of speech. This is the cause of unrest in a society and the root causes of all evil within a country and its social sector.

We can achieve the good governance by introducing integrity, cooperation among individuals and institutes and proper policy process implementation. The elites should rise above the party politics and alter its perception about the modern developments taking place at; national, regional as well as international level, before it is too late

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