How to Get A1 Grade in Intermediate (with Less Efforts)

(Usama Qadeer, Karachi)

It is a regrettable fact that many Pakistani students are pouring unwanted efforts into their studies while ignoring their social life. These type of study programs do not supplement them with happiness and satisfaction, instead, it only leads towards bad grades and demise of student’s social life.

So the million rupee question is that: How can we achieve good grades with less effort while keeping our social life in balance? In this article, we will discuss 7 possible measures that any student can take in order to secure good grades with fewer efforts.

Always form a strategy:

Students have to follow a particular form of stratagem. This can be represented in form of a proper planning. In order to achieve A1 grades with fewer efforts, students must decide on their mode of studies. They have to organize themselves by omitting all the useless study schedule enforced by other people. Moreover, they should create a schedule that best suits the student’s needs. With the help of a schedule, students can incorporate their study program according to their own facility. In fact, they do not have to sacrifice their time for enjoyment and socializing.

Organize yourself:

The organization is a sure-fire key to success. As students, we all have been through the worst experience of losing our valuable notebooks or worksheets. This type of situation can deal a stinging blow to our study progress and lead to unnecessary efforts on student’s behalf if the student has to recover the information that was written in those notes and worksheets.

Study according to the board’s grading policies and paper pattern:

One of the most important task for the students is to learn about the board’s grading policies and paper pattern. Once the students are enlightened with the paper pattern and grading policies than they can truly master the art of studying. This is especially true for the intermediate and matriculation students of Pakistan.

Utilize your time effectively:

The golden key for acquiring good grades efficiently is the time management. Students can effectively and easily manage time by utilizing a calendar app on their mobile phone. They can set up a day to day task and divide their days according to their study program with the help of a calendar.

Give priority to the difficult tasks:

The first and foremost task that all student must perform, is to create a list of topics from all the chapters. then divide those topics on the basis of their importance and difficulty. After completing this task students must give priority to most important and difficult topics and leave the easy ones as a second priority.

Accept your weakness and be open about them:

As a student you must understand the importance of accepting who you are, by understanding this you can figure out your own weakness and ask for help. This will only make you stronger and more efficient in your studies.

Don’t shun the world Accept it:

The last and most important thing that student must do is to enjoy their lives, do not lock the things around you into obscurity because this will only agitate and isolate you. If you want a break from your daily life than, you have the wonderful option of escaping into a fantasy world, so switch on your computer, slay some demons, ride a dragon, traverse the oceans and become a hero.

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