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(Syed Maqsood Ali Hashmi, )

In the case of Muslim countries, American policy is always the victim of double edges like as a double game. For a little bit now, need to uncover the bitter fact of reality exposed the whole world. The United States should recognize that the rulers of Pakistan from the original, face enlighten in front of the public . If we are not loyal to the United States, The United state is never sincere to us. we fought a war against the Soviet Union, together. you have just drop the dollars. But we have the whole country and the whole society at the meeting in the fire, so we help the United state in Afghanistan. The USA always not never honest to us rather they launch restriction against us by presilor tar-meem (prisler sreviae) in this regards we have face much difficulties and the suicide bomber attack to our country, and try to completely destroyed the way of our life style.

The United States must tell the Bitter truth, we have to impose the first error in the wisdom, Burhanuddin Ahmed Shah Masood and other dissident leaders, Mujahid said. Then the Taliban can support the strategy also left no stone to enemies but it also no doubt the Taliban, mainly American CIA and Yonical were created by the company and General Naseer ullah Babar told the Taliban, the way as your child, it is not for any Pakistani On the behalf of envelope ( Special request) Yonical and CIA said. Would your child and the Taliban said on.

If the role of the United States, not good to Afghanistan is not a war at this time, however, from the Blender from the United States is not kill rather the argument and Dialogue need to reality The evidence, not of the world community by his feelings of Pa-kistanis that fuels emotions need to cool. The Taliban were good or bad for the United States to tell the truth but were not opposed to Pakistan, Iran and India at that time, com-pared to all of Pakistan's strategic alliance, namely the proxy war supposed to Al-Qaeda has also declared war against Pakistan was not for you, we have finished the Taliban regime. If you are in Pakistan to the extent the two former ambassadors, even collaborated, and all found lslam The honourable leader of Taliban doctor Mr. Garatt Bheer was arrested from Is-lamabad and hand over him in USA custody After some days you are release him by honour. and allow him to write books against Pakistan.

The United States must tell the Bitter truth We offer The USA Pakistani airport roads, and whatever assist you need. your organization like as Black Water and CIA make pasture of Al-Qaeda in Pakistan's enemy as CIA Black water which became Terrorist Pa-kistan. While you have someone not on the the fake incident just like as 9/11 attack We just help you in all aspect for our million soldier their young, which included the General level. The altar, a health programme. In response to our demand for the same was India let Afghanistan. But what do the opposite. Afghanistan not only made the base of India but it allows openly they fought Pakistan's proxy war space. You or your Said Hrbia bugti and Marri amdagh to safe haven on India to using it. The issue of pkhtonistan tried to survive and then when some place safe, and he began to fight with the Taliban to Pa-kistan so you become the Afghanistan occupied.
Then, in the eyes of the world in the form of a legendary incident occurred on 9/11.
The United States must tell the Bitter truth, we, but Ahmad Shah Masood you've been about Afghanistan, but as long as a decade, 9/11 was not reached until your home fire in you in this direction did not draw and You have every kind of help Afghan refugee was close. The offices of USA and Pakistan also had locks.

The United States must tell the Bitter truth. But the Taliban regime with the help of our by Afghanistan to 2003 stability already was lost from the people you Hamid Karzai's initial appointments we have you have been in Afghanistan for two years be-ginning in Pakistan and suicide attacks are not fighting. The Afghanistan stability was to identify Pakistan towards elections started The neighborhood Loya Jirga was held. Returned, including the Afghan capital from the outside.

The United States must tell the Bitter truth Further more you were able to conquer Iraq was obsessed with ideas about actively Afghanistan without fully preserved you go to Iraq Afghanistan military force more. The war has weakened America's moral reputation. Abu Al-Qaeda and the Taliban's prisoner, poor footage and cast the new message of life. The American military in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Iran was undermined, sandwich between military of USA But al-Qaeda and the Taliban, Iran help in this way was also threatens Russia's American are for permanent residence and not on stabilizing Afghanistan.

The United States must tell the Bitter truth Due to this, many American intellectuals also agrees. The war in Afghanistan is the most damaged by the war in Iraq and Pakis-tan in the Iraq war, no hand.

Let us tell the truth are the United States accepted Taliban sitting in Pakistan, are fighting the war in Afghanistan. But the question is what opium cultivation also is from Pakistan.The Taliban have finished his cultivation in the period, but once again afgha-nistan you administered opium became fertilizer country.

In this way, at the time, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Deputy president Dosttam are enemies of each other. This is a unique event in the history of a country president can not return to his country and Turkey is sitting in the Vice President, Foreign Minister Sa-lah-ud-Din Rabbani is six or seven months with its President now is responsible for this internal political crisis of Pakistan.

Pakistan has since 9/11 has been the same from Afghanistan policy, but policy is changing every year, Pakistan was the Taliban and Al-Qaeda is not a rod, advise the same order or behavior Pakistan asks for reconciliation with the Taliban will be moderated.The Afghan Gov-ernment itself has also made the main Commission headed by Sibghatullah mojadedi then to reconciliation after them, but President Bush's policy was to crush the Taliban and fight against them in every way.

President Obama coming to power, the new policy which was a collection of contradic-tions that his place was not only the first Reintegration philosophy were to give up on Reconciliation but not agree with Reintegratio

The United States must tell the Bitter truth further more enlighten the world President Mr. Obama has declared the Taliban's Office in Qatar that united state department then inaguaration himself to his failure was active for the Pentagon want to Table talk.

Now you have a Mr. Trump administration rejecting a given policy and former President Hamid Karzai had also rejected giving the Taliban out of Afghanistan, Mr. Obama has history, boost morale, but now that this is not a case of Donald Termp policy will quit from Afghanistan. about the Taliban,  The United States must tell the Bitter truth The United States and the Afghan Gov-ernment are as much confusion so much of Pakistan, probably not. In Pakistan, Always willing to negotiate them only in Office around the world clearly and openly saying, America is founded on in Qatar, where people like Molvi Abdul Salam and old lawyer sitting in Pakistan from Pakistan but on the other hand, is demanding the Taliban enemy Give Now, if Pakistan fought against the Taliban and give them in afghan made their enemy, what is the guarantee of total they like Gulbuddin in Kabul to make the Royal guest.

The United States must tell the Bitter truth About and miner aid given to Pakistan (like a cumin in the mouth of a camel ) that American aid to Pakistan you joke overestimate the term Pakistan and tried to carry even though it is not part of Pakistan aid damage taken by Pakistan. In this war 05%. You ever spend on the war of Afghanistan does it. Pakistan has also 1% could not be found. And you people as much as it spent on the war Afghanistan 03% also did not spend on reconstruction of Afghanistan unpaved and ruins roads and not have any facility of the citizen of Afghanistan. there are unspoken and dilapidated state of up. Kabul city has been transformed completely in ruins.

The United States must tell the Bitter truth As you reach South Asia and as a result, experts Robin barnt Afghanista were the main cause of unrest in Pakistan and India dis-pute and then there is their proxy war For President Mr.Obama, as he promised in the campaign to resolve the Kashmir issue was the merchandise, or try to. and that is why he tried to present it in the beginning with Afghanista policy Afpak go to India  But later, due to protest of India Afpakk India was split in the past do not seek to resolve the dispute over the Indo-Pak conflict matter 16 years China and India amid your partner steregic . Now you want to make it inherit Afghanista
The United States must tell the Bitter truth You complaining. If there is no power to solve it and let the crisis in Mexico brought the North Korea of the United States to be there will be cooperation with the force. Now, as the new policy, the President of Pakis-tan in Afghanista to India you that they empower.

After Pakistan can cooperate with the United States. It is only a fraction. In terms of Afghanista, to be an opportunity for America's blinders/Blunder’s double game and their thousands of pages can be made black the notices. But time is very tightening. In this response, there is no shortage of arguments, but the fact which the United States will declares.

The whole world of human being also well known about this fake attack of 9/11 and understood of this totally legendry incident the same fake incident was done in Mumbai later on every body know about Ajmal Qasab who is the citizen of India I think The Hindu’s and the British make pretend to attack the muslims majourty and accupied their precious and mineral’s. But the both non muslims foolish country does not know “ Truth is green power”

I strongly recommended ,The Muslims of Iran and the The Muslims of Afghanis-tan, and the Muslims of Pakistan abide by the Allah order and obey the quran order. Re-cite the Holy Quran with translation.

According to Islam, all Muslims in the world specially all the muslims of Pakistani to find the solutions together, your enemies can't harm you. even minor Folk lesion. Nobody try to stabbing knife behind your body. Our religion, also tell us the life style till born to death as a human being and also teach us how can we save himself from cunning ene-mies and even gives lessons to us even the sympathy of the animals and the neighbor’s and all the human being.

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