Kashmir Day

(Agha Shoaib Abbas, Karachi)

A person is the smallest unit in the state. The person is like a brick in which the buildings are formed. In the same way as people, society, and state come into existence. Human being can be evil or goodness same as the state are either evil or welfare, The reason is that both of them are inevitable for each other. The first murder in the history of mankind is Qabeel did, (son of Hazrat Adam) and there was a dispute between two people. The first controversy between Habel and Qabeel was to be a marriage issue. On this issue, Ibn Adam habel killed his brother qabel.

there are different types of conflicts between the states, however, the acquisition of interests is mandatory in these disputes . Similarly, if we look historically, the history of conflict between the two countries is as ancient as the date of human conflicts. The conflicts of conflict are rigorous forces. Psychological desires and demonic sedition, both of these motives play key role in state conflict. On above basis people as well as nations come to see the horrific performances of greed, , selfishness, self-determination, , and affliction. The real and most important reason for conflict between the states is the unhappy dominance and domination that is the heart of a powerful state. I have a tendency to occupy the weak state resources. Controversies have been filled with conflicts, but there are two conflicts of Islamic world which have not been solved till now. One is Palestine and other is problem Kashmir dispute, we can see in the shops where shopkeepers writing on the wall of his shop that the loan was closed till the resolution of Kashmir.

The issue of Kashmir actually is an international and historical dispute since it started at the time between two nations living in India, whereas the occupation of the subcontinent was not even present, and it was not just a minor border dispute between the two countries, but the historical history of this conflict The situation is also true that the Ummah has given its constitutional role to resolve the issue with the United Nations. If the issue of Kashmir problem is not done for the cause of innocence of the Ummah and not a practical role, There is still a lot between India and Pakistan. This historical dispute has now reached a period of 72 years, and it is fact that only two major nations of the subcontinent suffer that is Hindu and Muslim, That is because these 72 years During the period, there were three wars between India and Pakistan and today too, due to this conflict both the countries are opposing each other. Both are poor countries, due to this conflict, most of these countries are facing hostility and grief. And the poor people of both countries are badly affected even economics of these countries if there is already no better. The economy of both countries has become even more intense due to Kashmir. How is this historical dispute born? We have to find the answer in the past closely. Actually, after the failure of Muslims in 1857, the Mughal Government ended in India. Even before mughals Muslims had ruled the subcontinent for centuries. This series started from 1000, when Mahmud Ghaznavi repeatedly attacked India and conquered many areas and joined the Ghazni government. Then Emperor Babar founded the Mughal rule in India. The Mughal Government covers approximately four hundred years on the occupation. The last King of the Mughal Government was Bahadur Shah Zafar, the British had exiled the prisoner and remained under custody and eventually died. Thus, after 1857 the British Raj was established in the whole subcontinent till 1947, during the period of slavery, Muslims had to face the most tense as they ruled for a thousand years in this subcontinent. Due to the competition, the British was taking revenge, and the British was the biggest rivals of Muslims because they had to repel power from Muslims. They feared that like the freedom of independence, then the united Muslims of the subcontinent united and did not bring any movement against the rulers. Due to this reason, the British set up the fold of Muslims, but did the perceived movements of ordinary Muslims to deteriorate economic conditions, for example, they were not allowed to trade and stopped them from religious studies. There were conspiracies in this way in the Muslim sub continent;

The Kashmir valley was called Paradise Viewer at all times. Initially there was domination of Buddhists and Hindus. But here, 90 percent of the Muslims are settled, and the government has always been of non-Muslims. The British rulers sold it to Dogra Raja. Kashmiris are brave, grateful and intelligent. Their war continues. Today, the facts of Kashmir and India are contradictory about the reality of Kashmir, although in geographical, religious and cultural context, it can prove that Kashmir is part of Pakistan. India claims that it has two main points of view in it that it claims that Maharaja Jammu had affiliated with India in 1948, according to India, after establishing the Kashmir establishments, governments established in Kashmir have been announcing India's fate. Pakistan's stand is to make a vote in Kashmir so that India's illegitimate occupation is over. The Indians believe that there has been a lot of changes in Kashmir since 1948 and can now be harmed by opinion because there can not be riots between Hindu and Muslims in the valley and these riots may be across India. The Kashmir issue has been presented in the Security Council, but India has always been dust in the eyes of the world.

The Kashmiri people started continue warfare sinc1947 to rescue Dogha Raj. In this armed rebellion, when Durga Raj began to see his death, he asked for help from India and India should open his forces in Kashmir. It was impossible for Pakistan to be spectacular on this occasion, as well as the Kashmiri Muslims Assistant is considered to be a moral and religious duty. The tribes of Pakistan entered Kashmir. Durga forces could not speak in front of Kashmiri Mujahideen and in 1948, when they saw Kashmir coming out, India considered the issue to take the issue to the United Nations. The United Nations has put this problem in a cold box since that time.

Every year, we celebrated on Kashmir Day on February 5, On this day general holiday is held throughout Pakistan. Rallies and seminar are held across Pakistan . This day is being celebrated since 1991 - this year the nation is going to celebrate the 29th Kashmir day. In the end, we ask Allah to vanish collective problems and conflicts of all the Muslims, including Kashmirs so that Muslims may live in peace.

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