Pakistan and its political issues

(Syeda Eman Ali, Karachi)


Pakistan is politically messed up from past few year, but last few months were really tough i feel. Our politicians are not getting over their defeats, revenges and most importantly their childish behavior. Prime minister 'Imran Khan' is a perfect example of a kid who eagerly wanted something and now when he has it, he doesn't even care about it. The problems which all of us are facing need to be resolved, and it can neither be solved by a single person nor it is to be blamed on a single life. Whatever is happening in this country,from power cut to insufficiency of water to many more sensitive issues, our government is only pointing out the most unimportant as well as lame issues. They need to understand that there are several and more important issues to discuss about, shaming and abusing will not at least bring fortune to our beloved country. Pakistan has always been a politically disturbed country, which is not hidden from anyone. Few decisions were taken that turned the tables. Decision making is the most delicate sector of our government because we always fail to make fruitful and upright commitments. There are several issues that needs to be solved before it's too late. We the populace of this country are also responsible for each and everything that is happening right now. We always blame 'people in power' for what is happening, and none of us take stand and say that all these responsibilities are liable on us too. We should start taking small steps, that is how Pakistan will be a better and peaceful land. I hope this article was helpful for all of you reading it, Please focus on how can we make Pakistan the best of all.

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