Old is gold

(Muntaha Azhar, Lahore)
The present escalation between Pakistan and India is nothing new. The only thing that have changed is the “New Pakistan”. The term “New” and slogan of “Change” was thought to be taken from Obama’s election campaigns. However, the present government of PTI does not seem to keep it as a mere slogan. The wave of modernism and western ideas flooding into the political statements and policies of Pakistan seems to suggest that indeed Pakistan is not the same as before . Who could have thought in the old Pakistan that a Indian solider would be realised after a threat from Indian former minister. In the old Pakistan no one would have applaused the “goodwill gesture “ of the prime minister and would have started Petition for “Nobel peace prize” instead the pm would have been declared as a traitor and a sissy in the old Pakistan. Pakistan have changed so much that everyone has a single point of view. Gone are the days when Pakistan used words like “jihad”, “Islam” , “ghazi ya shaheed” in event of such escalations . These terms are now obsolete in the New Pakistan. Even the entire social media have forgotten them. The new expressions used in the New Pakistan are derivatives of western authors point of view on wars and the war hysteria. Especially about world wars and what “ fear” has to be learned from the horrible stories of wars. And who in Pakistan would dare to compare new Pakistani official language to those of Arawakan tribe, which is so notably similar to the famous letter of 1906 Powhatan to Smith.
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آپ کی رائے
Please note that It is the 1609 letter referred to instead of 1906 .
By: Bluebell, Lahore on Mar, 05 2019
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