PSL in peaceful Pakistan

(Abdullah Qamar, Rahim Yar Khan)

Lets flip the pages of history, few years back it was a perception that Pakistan is not a safe and secure country for international community. And yes, you can say it was quite expedient and realistic to say but now things have been changed wholly. Pakistan is being consider a safe place for International community. International investors are showing interest to do heavy investment in Pakistan. Multi National industries are coming to Pakistan. Tourists feel very comfortable, tranquil and serene in Pakistan. Few people from inside the Pakistan were painting Pakistan as failed state and a warring country. No doubt that Pakistan was passing through the hard time. Pakistan had both internal and external challenges but Pakistani nation and forces both stood before these challenges with courage and audacity. India was designing the conspiracies against Pakistan, they were creating insurgent elements and a grislier wave of terrorism had been erupted. About every day there were suicide bomb attacks and killings, people in our media were playing extremely negative role. Forces were engaged badly. At diplomatic front Pakistan also had too many challenges, Indian was striving to shift themselves from Russian block to American block. Obama administration was getting very much friendly with India. Domestic politics was also getting worst with every passing day moreover  economy has been reached up to the terrible position but Pakistan kept on moving. We didn't compromise on our core values and ideology. People had strong believe that only this ideology can bring us out from this arduous and strenuous situation. Pakistan reshaped its policies and we discerned a downright professionalism. India was trying to isolate Pakistan in the region and globally as well. Pakistan confronted with India at diplomatic front. Last government didn't pay any heed and attention to the diplomatic front so there was an enormous gap, its being proved lethal negligence for Pakistan. But now the scenario has been changed completely. I reckon it would not ambiguous to say that India has been isolated in the region. Pakistan has very strong position in region. Two regional powers Russia and China are standing with Pakistan. In Afghanistan, Pakistan has very strong position. As long as it is concerned about economy, Pakistan would be leading economy in the region just after the functioning of CPEC. International players are coming to Pakistan, international investment is coming to Pakistan. Pakistan's spoilt image has been changed and peaceful aspect has been magnified before the people. It's the victory of entire nation.

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