In some recent days one of the youngest chairmen in political parties Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has adopted a narrative having allegation that 03 Federal Ministers are in cabinet of the ruling party, who had linked with Proscribed organization and have still. Bilawal Bhutto is also demanding to remove the ministers from the cabinet. In this crucial time, when Pakistan is in schedule of FATF for the next two conferences, to review the efforts of Pakistan to curb terror financing, first will be held in May, in which Asian Pacific Group will be counsel to Pakistan. So far, Pakistan has made his extraordinary efforts against terror financing as stated by FATF in last conference. But, final decision (whether Pakistan be kept in grey list or not) is remained, will be made in the second FATF conference in September 2019 in Paris. In such crucial time, when Pakistan has a chance to bring out from Grey List of FATF, political leaders should be very sensitized to deliver any such speech, which may be used against the larger interest of Pakistan and its prosperity. In that case, this is not to unfortunately be that Pakistan loss this chance. As known, India has aim to enlist the Pakistan in black list, as seen in the previous conferences of FATF, where he had much tried having such narrative of proscribed organization against Pakistan but failed. Due to this there is grave concern that this narrative of Bilalwal Bhutto could be used by the eternal enemy (India) to well play his card in the next FATF conference to attain his malafide desire to black list the Pakistan. And, henceforth after speech (adopted narrative) of Bilawal bhutto, the narrative is in mainstream of Indian Media, headlines are being made on electronic & print media with it. Ironically, this narrative might also be in mainstream of international media, if exaggerates by Bilawal bhutto. Then, unfortunately all sacrifices & efforts by LEAs as well masses of Pakistan will be voided. And, prosperity will still remain far. In any critical situation being (persona) faced by him or others, taking aside any personal / political interest, such damaging narrative for integrity of the country should be avoided, only for the larger interest of prosperity of Pakistan.


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