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Journalism refers to the production and distribution of reports and recent events. The world for the acknowledgment of recent or historical events depend upon the shoulders of a journalist. Journalism is not only limited inside the borders of print media but also has crossed the boundaries entering into the world of digitalism.

In aim to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short term weapon. Today in the times of digital world, the type of journalism running marathon is online journalism. These are the journalistic activities primarily conducted for disseminating information through internet. Online journalism in real talk is the future of journalism. As many newspaper / TV advertising revenues are down and a few of newspapers in the world has already closed its printing edition while continuing the online journalism.

No power in the world can stay without their strength and where there are strengths, there do be weaknesses to. The power of online journalism is beyond limits. It is a medium that also build a concept and scope of citizen journalism, a medium that provide a vast amount of information to the world in matters of few seconds through different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Online news websites and many more.

Digital journalism is a powerful journalism holding a bunch of positive points and strengths in its hands. Unlike other traditional media, online media isn’t space or time restrain. In newspaper there is a word count for your content where as in online media there are no such counts you can consume as much space for your content as you want. The content there is also storable permanently which is then easy to search. Online media and journalism allow global distribution, the content that is published on online website is distributed globally on a single click. On other hand, there is also a huge scope of convergence in online journalism where you can upload text, graphics, audios and videos about a single topic under a same heading so that audience can choose the way of their choice to get acknowledge. Along with that it also contains hypertext, the texts that link your current content with previous forming a stronger background. Online journalism is an interactive model of journalism that promote the participation of public on their content by comments, feedbacks, discussions. It also allows public to upload their own gathered content known as “citizen journalism” which is its most unique weapon. Most important feature of online journalism is immediacy, the publishing is very quick and easy.

With so many positive talks, there are also some weakness that haunts online journalism. As online journalism introduces citizen journalism getting many questions getting raised upon it. When citizens and public starts to upload news online the credibility of the news gets haunted on great extend and it became difficult to distinguish between good and bad news sites. The unsubstantiated opinion and rumor harms the journalism credibility. Privacy in online journalism is also disturbed, the contents of different website are copied and shared without reference causing bad expressions. The citizen journalism keeps challenging the journalist of online journalism to upload news more speedily with higher accuracy. If accuracy get disturbed it can turn to be rumor and if speed gets low the job of the journalist can turn into danger.

Online journalism can also be seen as a way to communicate with world with the help of internet. This communication can also be in terms of blogs where you can share your personal opinion to the world, or it can be through social websites for example Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, tweeter where you also receive feedbacks from masses. You can also communicate through online video chats example voice of America, on the other hand, trends are also a great way to communicate globally about anything through different news website platforms. The trends of polls produce best results in the aspect of getting feedback related to your content of any type from audience. Columns and articles also helps communicating.

The world of online journalism is wide enough to be gathered and inked down under a single head. There is nothing that can denied the fact of importance and extent of online journalism in today’s developing world.

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