Garbage Problem

(Misbah Nadeem, Karachi)

garbage issue

I would like to discuss my problem toward the garbage problem in our locality residents throwing garbage in open area which is make our environment polluted.

It has become 15-20 days since no scavenger has come in our locality. That is why people come and throw their garbage anywhere in open area. Such as ground, streets, footpath etc. it has blocked all the roads with the heap of garbage. It has generated the mosquitoes which causes malaria or illness.

According to the scientist, this is the main cause of air pollution,

The smoke from the burning garbage not only poison the air, it also increases spread of diseases. Garbage has become a serious problem in the world today. According to a report published in Nature journal, the problem of garbage or solid waste is assuming terrible proportions today. By the end of this century (2100,), garbage will be collected at the rate of 11 million tons per day globally, more than three times today’s rate. It implies that the garbage-generation which amounted to 3.5 million tons per day in 2010 will become 6 million tons per day by 2025. At present, people of India produce about 62 million tons of solid-waste annually. Out of this, 45 million tons of the garbage are left untreated and disposed of by civic agencies in an unscientific manner.

There are many reasons for the production of garbage. One reason for this is growing urbanization and prosperity. The more financially strong is the country or the city, the more garbage it will produce. It can also be seen by linking poverty and prosperity, competence and inefficiency. This means where the aspiration for the amenities are high in populations, there will also be increase in the amount of waste. Today, Pakistan is the prominent examples of this in the world. Both are taking strides in economic development, but in the process, they are also producing piles of garbage. Other reasons for this include changing lifestyle, lack of waste-management and options, and also the big question of the ethics that is fast eroding. We assume that it is our compulsion to produce garbage and its disposal is the work of the government. Perhaps this is where we are making the biggest mistake.
We have to solve this problem and clean our city.

Therefore I request you to publish my article and take an immediate action to solve this problem as soon as possible

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