The Most Vulnerable Community Of Pakistan, Never Heard Nor Counted?

(Salman Baig, )

Anwar Baig
With Reference To A New Facility To The Commons For Lodging Their Complaints To Their Prime Misister For Ealier Resolve And Their Identity Recognition Is Great News And A Vivid Hope.
The People Believed There Is Some Body Who Would Ensure The Commons In The Society They Are Heard And Counted.
But The Most Vulnerable Community Of The Society Is Still Unheard And Uncounted.
They Are The Journalists Who Have No Say, No Access To Any Justice.
They Can Be Terminated At One Day Notice With No Say To Their Wages, On Time Salaries, Labour Laws, Safety And Security And Compensation If Killed, Murdered Or Disabled
While Working For Their Media Factories.
Up Till Now About 200 Journalists Have Been Killed While Working For The Media Factories And Less Than 20% Have Been Paid Some Amounts Like The Beggars As Per Records Of The Pid Islamabad While Replying In The Supreme Court.
What Has Been Done By Their Media Factories No Body Knows Nor It Has Been Published For The Media Houses Information So Far.
The Ministry And The Pid That Claims To Hold And Run And Manage The Journalists Affairs Did Not Do Its Worthy Duties But Has Been Supporting A Wrong, Illegal And The Unconstitutional Body Declared "As The Illegal And The Unconstitutional Entity" By The Court Of Law Rawalpindi,Dated,1/3/2013.
“The Npc” Challenged The Court Decision In The High Court, Rawalpindi Bench But Despite Early Hearing Did Not Get Any Relief So The Earlier Decision Has Not Been Suspended Or Terminated So Far And Is In Tact Soa Far”.
The Decision Of The Court And Other Relevant Docuyments Already Exist With The Ministry And The Pid, For Information And Necessary Action.
1- Unfortunately, This Illegal Entity Has Been Receiving One Krore Annually From The Federal Government For The Last 12 Years As Well As 30 Lakhs From The Punjab Government.
The Reason Behind Was Very Simple That They Had "Loved" Affair With The Pmln And The Ppp.
2- Despite The Rawalpindi- Islamabad Press Club Management Informed The Federal And The Punjab Government With All The Concerned Documents None Had Heard It And All Illegal Payments Were Made To The Said Illegal Entity Called The" Npc Trust ' That Had Been Dodging The Member As The "Npc Press Club".
3- The Same Illegal Entity”Npc Trust” Had Been Allotted Plot Worth Billions At F-6/1 To Establish A Pres Club By The C.D.A, Whereas In Fact It Was The Job Of The Pid Or The Ministry Of Information And Not The Npc Trust.
4- Unfortunately, The Ministry Was Fully Aware Of The Fact But Remained Quite Silent On These All Looting And Cheating Business.
5- Moreover, The Agony Of This All Kind Was The Allotment Of The Plots To Their Loved Ones And Their Favourites.
6- The "Npc Trust" Was So Bold In Doing The Wrong And Illegal Activities That It Allotted More Than 2 Plots To Their Loved Ones And More Than 100 Plots To The "Benami"And The Unknown.
7- The Third One But The Most Noticeable, Wrong And Illegal Act Was The Conversion Of The Government Land Worth About 12 Billion In To A Private Society Run And Managed By The Same “Npc Trust".
8- When You,The Respected Prime Minister Will Ask The Said Department To Furnish Reports They Will Tell You That This Case Is In The Court Of Law So They Will Cheat You Not To Tell You The Truth What Happened And Who Was Who In The Said Game Of Looting Millions Of The Government.
9- Though We Are In The Court Of Law And Fighting For The Justce For We All The Denied Journalists But You Too Have The Right To Know The Facts And Do The Needdful And Unfold The Black Sheeps In The Ministry, The Pid Along With People Sitting In The Punjab Government Who Helped The Allotment Of The Plots To The Wrong, Funded The “Npc Trust” An Illegal Body And Helped It To Have Allotted More Than 100 Plots To Their Friends And The Favourists Without Their Identification,Names,Father Names,Titles Etc.
10- Unfortunately, This Game Of Looting Worth Billions Was Fully Supported And Backed By The Chief Minister “Shahbaz Sharif” Who Was The Chairman Of The Board Of Directors For The Punjab Journalists Housing Foundation.
11- We Thus Request The Honourable Prime Minister To Help Us In This Matter And Do The Needful In This Case And Ensure We All The Denied And Unheard, We Are Heard And Counted.
12- Another Most Important Request Is To Help Out The Issue That No One Should Be Allowed To Apply Or Get Any Sort Of Plot Or The House Or The Flat Second Time And Each Such Aplication Be Scrutinized By The Help Of The “Nadra” Because Many More Influential And The Rich Have Been Found Getting More Than One Plots, Flats Or The Houses Whose Names And The Titles Have Been Posted With This Request For Information And Necessary Action.

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