Media Pays Nothing But A Bad Future

(Intentionally Hidden, Karachi)

In spite of intense opposition of my parents, I sold my smartphone again today. In last six months, this is the third smartphone that I had to sell in order to make ends meet because I have been deprived of my salaries for two and a half months. The former two smartphones had also been sold for the same reason. Why was this situation arisen? It all started when I unintentionally made a blunder by joining news media in Pakistan. I remember the day I started going to University for a higher degree. I asked for some suggestion to which degree I should be enrolled in and for my bad luck, I chose Mass Communication and became the loser – journalist. Today, I have to ask my family or my friends for money in order to fuel my bike to office. This situation is worsening day by day and I can see closure of news media and print journalism soon. I believe that Mass Communication program should not be taught at any universities in Pakistan. Even, a little bird has told me that students, enrolled in Mass Communication degree, are worried as they can’t see their bright future by getting this degree. I have found people discussing the dark future of media and they are of the same view that Mass Communication should not be taught as a degree in universities and students should prefer other degrees to enroll in.

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