Hope for the best

(Afshan sher, Sargodha)

8 months ago, there was hustle and bustle for upcoming elections, almost everybody was hopeful for new beginning because they were going to choose a new leader for their country. They were fed up by previous leaders and lost their trust on democracy, when a leader came and tell them to hope for the best and be on his side for better future. That leader gave them new hope. Young people were excited that now They are going to have the best leader which will be their voice, which will solve their issues, and which will make their lives remarkable. The day came when that person took his responsibilities as a leader of our nation. He came and he observed the things which were left, yes the things which were left by previous leaders are not in the condition to run a country smoothly, the country that leader got after a lot of struggle and sacrifices were destructed, previous leaders were busy in fulfilling their own desires and did not thought about the country . But that new leader was worried about the country, he was true well wisher of the nation which is still not United on one point because some people were still supporting previous ones. That new leader started his work, he was trying to gather all the torn pieces to tie this country, he became driver for the people visiting from neighbouring countries for our benefit. He tried and still trying his best to make relationships better and get support for us.

He is trying to reduce the expenses and people are calling him miser. People are not ready to understand that if he is doing so, he has a reason. We have nothing to support our economy, we are burdened with heavy dbets and interests. In order to be a free nation we should get rid from those debts and interests. That leaders is trying to make us independent in real means.

People are going to be disappointed after 8 months, they are not ready to wait for long. The nation which was not asking any question to destructorers, now questioning that leader. They are not being patience, they are not ready to wait for good future. Even the people which were with that leader are also going to be against him.

I am requesting those people that please try to understand that if he is doing something he has his own reasons, he is trying to get long term prosperity. He is not just thinking for your present years but also thinking about your upcoming years. He will make you prosperous and independent. He will get a good name for your country. I have a relevant story to tell here which will help to make my point clear, suppose some people are living in one house, the house incharge is not giving attention to problems which are effecting the condition of this house and this house can be collapsed at any time but people living in this house are unaware about the problems, because house incharge is taking proper care of surface things, He is sweeping the floor everyday but instead of throwing the rubbish outside, he is hiding that rubbish under the carpet which is not visible to people of this house, because house incharge is showing just good things to them. People are living happily because this incharge is fulfilling their needs well. After few years of living in an illusion , new house incharge took the charge of that house and saw that rubbish under the carpet, he told that to the people in the house but they were too selfish and just thinking about themselves, they left that incharge alone, some tried to help him out. The purpose of that incharge was to make the house beautiful and strong for the people but the people were too busy in criticizing the acts of that incharge. They were thinking that this person is disturbing their lives but that incharge keep going and one day their house became the best house in the world.

Same is with our current leader he is trying to clean the rubbish which was swept under the carpet by previous leaders. All he needs is our patience and our support. We should trust on him. If we can wait so long for being a better nation, we should also keep waiting and hope for the best.

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