Foundational Thoughts of Pakistan Movement

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Another Book by Hilal Publications
Name of the Book: Foundational Thoughts of Pakistan Movement
Publisher:Hilal Publications, ISPR Directorate, Rawalpindi
Publication Year:March 2019. Price: Rs. 500

Book Review by AsmaIshaq
Almost every otherday confronting the challenges of Hybrid War around, The Inter Service Public Relations has always taken care well its responsibility with thefullest vigilance to come forward and protect the country’s policies and the ideological grounds. The book ‘Foundational Thoughts of Pakistan Movement’that has been launched this 23rd of March’19 is another effort for giving support to and meeting the objectives of the same purpose. Today, when war has taken more a non-conventional form and so one can’t remain obliviousform the alarming fact that its prime target is the youth. In present era fronts are the social mediawebsites that are very easy access for people with exploiting-purposeto reach to the youth of any country and then on these social forums to proliferatestances that may harm theopinion of youth about the country’s ideologies. This book is a product coming out of the same calculations made for protecting the ideological roots of the country in particular of the young minds.

“Pakistan existed back in the hearts and minds centuries ago” The very first line written by the DG ISPR, Maj.General Asif Ghafoor in the Foreword. He has made it clear in the very beginning of this book that Pakistan is not an entity that created 73 years agorather it had been a long-felt desire of thousands of people who lived on this land. And this compilation of speeches, addresses and statements by the Founding Fathers tells all the same story that how Pakistan came into being. The book has content of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s Genesis of the Two Nation Theory, Allama Iqbal’s constructive interpretation of Islam, Letters between Allama Iqbal and Quaid-E-Azam and some rarely published original version of speeches made by the Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

The Two Nation Theory provides its context clearly by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. The group of people who debate over its validity, may read about the contextin detail to know that how indispensable Pakistan was. This way the book is an answer to all those who challenge the sanctity of the Two Nation Theory which is no doubt the Soul of Pakistan. This book may seem lighter to carry but carries a heavier weight in providing a shied to many of the patriots, teachers, scholars and avid-reader that they can read and be guided and to guide others also.

The part of the booksharing Allama Iqbal’s efforts for the Muslims who appeared as an ever guiding figure from the Sub-Continent to the Muslims of this region seems a needed textual evidence for his strong views of an Independent State for Muslims and also about Islam. His famous Presidential address at the Allahabad for the All-India Muslim Session’s excerpt clearly shares his profound understanding of Man, Islam and State. Keeping the one-core-objective in mind that the demand of Muslims for a separate Independent Mulsim State is all rational, he also gave a very profound interpretation of Islam that it is a religion which does not demarcate man, religion and state rather it helps all these to be organic to each other.

The speeches documented here in the book made by the Nation’s father are most valuable in nature as these are original and unabridged.Any person who reads these speeches for the first time will immediately get developed an impression of the humbled nature of Quaid’s in the manner of his speech. His famous 11thAugust 1947 gives the nationsome clear routes for development. Quaid spoke so clearly while setting the targets for the new State, highlighting the existing social ills and instilling tolerance for the peaceful co-existence among all the communities. He gave us some treasured guidance in these speeches. One reads these speeches and will feel motivated to have a super-leader like him. The last part of the book, “Birth of A Nation” is another valued part of this book where some memorable quotations or parts of statements have been shared by Quaid-i-Azam which he had spoken at different occasions. Though this part has shorter statements.

“Foundational Thoughts of Pakistan Movement” appears as a shield to be given in the hands of youngsters of the country keeping one thing in mind that there are elements to distract or misguide them about the Independence Movement, Ideology of Pakistan and creation of Pakistan. This book has not been just compiled for the purpose to take the young minds into the history, it is to provide them categorically all those historical events that were spoken about in speeches and addresses and eventually laid the foundation of an Independent State.

The book is useful for teachers, students and the scholars studying Pakistan’s History as well asPakistan Studies. It is just one book to read and one has a good length of required knowledge. It is an organized compilation with reference given to each address, speech and statement so it will save efforts that are usually taken in research while working in need of citation for any historical speech or address.

Definitely, “Pakistan existed back in the hearts and minds centuries ago.” These are words that can be quoted to validate that Pakistan is one of the secrets of the Creator, it is created for one ideology, based purely on the Islamic principles yet with a progressive, moderate and dynamic approach towards the both – the Life and State affairs. A nation lives and grows when the people protect the foundational ideologies while facing new challenges. Pakistan lives, grows and yet gives an increase to its ideology every day.

“Foundational Thoughts of Pakistan Movement” is another praise-worthy effort by the Hilal Publications,led by Brig. Tahir Mehmood Abbasi.

(AsmaIshaq writes freelance)

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