(Hafiza Fazal, Karachi)

Please stop smoking to save your lives.

Smoking is very dangerous to health but every second person is smoking. They are spoiling their lives with their own hands. Smoking became very common in our society. Mostly teenagers are smoking addict. It is very bad addiction. Most of them are addicted by their friends. There are so many types of cigarette . Some of them are very cheap and in range of every poor person. So that they can buy it very easily. The average price of cigarette in Pakistan is 4 Rs.

The most popular brands of cigarette in Pakistan are Gold leaf , Malboro , B & H competing the Gold leaf , Capstan , Marven , Gold flake , and Red & White. These are also those names which i was listening from my child hood . The price of Gold leaf is 6 rupees per cigarette . I thinks that its easy to purchase for every one.

Lung diseases are caused by the cigarette which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis . Cigarette causes lung cancer mostly. And if you are bearing with asthma , smoking cause heart attack.

Researches has proved that smoking causes both visible and microscopic damage to the lungs. fortunately, The evidence says that this damage can be healed after you stop smoking.

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