What is your source of power?

(Shabbir Ahmed, Multan)

Sometimes you are driving yourself at a very high pace without realizing either you are producing positive vibes or negative?
Here, you need to do two things:
1. Evaluate your results: are you building relationships, developing your career, constructing some plan, harmonizing any situation? If you are going on the other way then surely, the negative power is driving you.
2. Once you find your direction, try and find the source of your motivation so that you pursue walking towards the right path. There must be someone who is guiding you, inspiring you or pushing you to do it. Give value to that source. Strengthen your relationship and spend time together. This source will take you to success.
However, if you are destroying yourself and everything around you; it means some negative power is fueling you. Without any source of negativity, you can’t sway at a high pace where you lose control over you and the situation.
The source of the negativity can come from your bitter experiences of your past, your failures, your company, your friends or your environment. You need to take a break, keep a safe distance to disconnect yourself from the negative charge.
Doing justice and staying unbiased is the key here because you’ll be solely responsible for the whole damage in case of wrong or late decision. Caution! Majority of the time, they are your so-called, well-wishers.
Periodic reconciliation of thoughts, relations, direction, and results help you to keep yourself in a positive charge. So stay positive, be proactive and act rationale.

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