My take on budget 2019

(Amber Muneer, Karachi)

Usually when we talk about Parliament we use our words realty carefully because parliament is the symbol of democracy our elected representative debate their that how our future will be like how we will shape the future of this country Parliament is a honorable institution parliament have given us constitution which we follow ( something we don't ) I can go and on about the sanctity of the Parliament and its members believe me I wouldn't have shortage of words describing the Parliament and honorable members because that what we were taught from our childhood in our text book specifically ( social studies and Pakistan studies .

Now lets wakeup and face the reality it's a budget season not my favorite or as a matter of fact one favorite's after every budget we as a nation have faced savior consequence in the form of taxes unemployment ratio go es higher and higher economy goes down I don't remember a budget after which my parents were happy or any of my family members who had to provide for use in this year budget we were even have to pay tax to get married we have to pay if we have more then two kids this is the interim budget of year 2019 I hope we survive thus budget and still be able to breath and live .

Sometimes is wish I was in military because for them it's opposite every time common Pakistani suffer the worth of budget the get increase in their yearly budget .

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