Smoking is injurious to health

(Romaisa Hussain, Karachi)

Now a days, adolescent smoking is increasing day by day and it becomes one of the largest health issue of Pakistan . Smoking causes many diseases like cardiovascular diseases (CVDs),lung cancer etc.Smoking not merely harm only smokers but it also harms non smokers which are actually doing passive smoking by staying with active smokers.

According to WHO,128,000 people die every year due to smoking .19.1% (23.9million) of Pakistan adults in which 31.8% mens and 5.8% women are using tabacco products on daily basis. The ratio of smokers in rural areas is 13.9% as compared to urban areas is 10% ,usually smokers know the harmful effects of smoking but they can't quite because they are addicted, they are dependent on smoking , they crave for a cigarette if they don't get.

Government of Pakistan should need to take comprehensive steps to control smoking .

Government should raise the taxes on cigarette or should raise the selling prices. All companies should be banned in Pakistan. Different awareness programs should be organized against smoking , especially in rural areas to control smoking .

By taking above mentioned steps , government would get control on smoking and can save precious lives of our innocents citizens.

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