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(Zainab Batool, Karachi)


Whenever we thought about the tourism of Pakistan the first, thought that comes in our mind is Pakistan's Northern areas. We our so lucky to belong from that country which has full of beautiful places. Muree, Gilgit, biltistan, Swat, Nathaya Gally, ETC. Are those beautiful places which outsiders also come to see. Recently, I was watching a video, one of the you tuber which doesn't belong from Pakistan, she showed the beautiful city, swat. While I was watching that video, I have great enthusiasm and zealous that anyhow I jump into that video and join that girl. Our Pakistan has so much beautiful places that in spite of travelling to Europe or any other country we travel to Northern area of Pakistan. I love to go travelling. In 2012 I went to Muree, Nathya gali and other places of Pakistan. When I entered into Muree, it was morning and I was full zealous, I have never saw that kind of view ever before in my life. Mountain, huge trees, and weather was so cool and amazing. Train of thoughts are blowing in my mind as, the views are changing. I t was so wonderful and new experience, I have ever felt in my life. We are always busy in criticizing our country, actually, our vision of peering our country is negative. We never ever think unwisely about our country, if we gaze Pakistan in positive perspective . We never thought about such tourism places and how much benefits we could have. As, now 14 August is in the next week, we shall at least watch these beautiful on YouTube or television, if we couldn't travel to these amazing places right on this occasion. sawat is one stupefying place I felt, while watching on YouTube. sawat is momentous for its mountain and when I was watching in video I felt how many historical places or things do we know. We are unaware of those places. It was so greenery and bring close to our nature. In the year 2019 and 2018. Traveller visits these years which is on peak especially in the year 2019. Our country is getting so much benefits this year through tourism. We should always proud to our beloved country and remember this land in positive perceptive that gives so much respect through tourism and shows our unique civilization.

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