Who Can Lead A Nation ? !

(Ubaid Ismail, Karachi)

Leading a nation is not a big deal but leading a nation with honesty is a thing that makes you a great leader and give you respect in every stage of life and than you feel the actual peace of heart if you lead a nation with full honesty. A leader is the one who take a risk spend and invest their time to become an independent this is not a game and not a smooth road this is a road of full stress and depression , anxiety but if you stay consistent on these areas of life than you should ready to get a lasting peace if you want to become a leader so follow the below instruction that will help you to become a good leader !

1-- Be Patient
leadership required tolerance patient so without it you can't reached the top of hill or success because this is a not a state street this is a zigzag road and required a consistency , regularity , stability and calmness so be patient with what you do and never give up .

2--Decision Making
Decision Making is the next step that make you a good leader if you want to doing something first of all think about their good or bad outputs than make a decision and don't stop until you achieve your desired output sometime you take a decision but you fail in it . you know why ? because of no clarity clarity is something that open your mind and describe what is your goals so first of all clarify your goals and than make a decision.

The leader is problem solver and innovator he is the master of his work and his profession . steve jobs once said :“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” and every time think about new ideas to overcome with dependency so be creative and a good thinker and follow your dreams !

A good communicator can be a good leader if you want to be a good leader so learn how to communicate with a client or team this is a very important part of building a team or to be a good boss and also i think that communication is directly proportional to success because if you have good communication skills you can influence your client and team by understanding what they want . so be calm and and go ahead to achieve the best !!

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