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(Hanif Lodhi, Islamabad)

US President Donald Trump has telephoned Prime Minister Imran Khan and Narendra Modi over the growing tension between Pakistan and India over the occupied Kashmir issue, urging both leaders to end tensions and make peace. In a telephonic conversation with President Narendra Modi, President Trump said that peace in the region should be maintained, he urged Modi to reduce the tensions between India and Pakistan over Kashmir issue.

The US President termed the leadership of the two countries as positive after telephonic contacts. On the social networking website Twitter, Donald Trump said that talks with Pakistani and Indian Prime Minister on Kashmir issue were positive. The US president described Imran Khan and Narendra Modi as his best friends, saying "I have talked to my good friends about trade, strategic partnerships and above all, measures to reduce tension in Kashmir." Discussed, the situation in the region is tense but the talks remain positive.

President Trump's reconciliatory role for the situation in occupied Kashmir and for peace in the region is welcome. The nation is proud of the way Prime Minister Imran Khan has vigorously presented Kashmir in the world. The international community is expressing concern over unilateral Indian actions and taking note of the situation in Kashmir. Most countries in the world have supported Pakistan's stand and condemned Indian action.

It is true that recently in a meeting called for the request of Pakistan and the endorsement of our friend China, the issue of Kashmir was discussed openly by the member states of the Security Council and Indian claims from the Security Council meeting It is disputed that Kashmir is an internal matter, but it is an international issue which the two countries cannot settle together because India has always emphasized on terrorism and war instead of talking about occupied Kashmir. And has practically imposed war on Pakistan's border which will allow him Why is it important? India is also openly threatening Pakistan with nuclear war, but it can neither change the facts nor dampen the eyes of the world.

It is the principle of Pakistan that as the sole advocate of Kashmiris, he will continue to present the Indian injustice and oppression of Kashmiris at every forum and we will show India his brutality in every forum. In a struggle for self-determination, Pakistan stands firm with Kashmiris. The political, diplomatic and moral support of Kashmiris will continue till the dawn of independence.

The Prime Minister also urged the US President to send human rights observers in occupied Kashmir and said that Modi's actions were aimed at ending the internationally disputed issue and wanted to change the Indian population ratio behind it so that the occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The majority of Muslims should be converted into minorities. Sixteen days have passed since the curfew in occupied Kashmir, and according to reports from Pakistan, thousands of people have been arrested and so many are missing. The situation is of great concern. International human rights organizations should be sent to Kashmir so that the situation can be revealed to the world President Trump should also play his role and urge India to lift the curfew immediately. President Trump will play his part in resolving the dispute.

If Modi's claim has all the truth, he should invite the US President to visit occupied Kashmir so that the real facts can be revealed to him. If he does not do so, then Pakistan should visit President Trump's Line of Control so that the people of Kashmir can give him the original. Talk to the phone. Talking and making appeals on the phone has gone a long way before an awful human tragedy can happen. The US president has to sit down and talk to the two prime ministers on an emergency.

Curfew continued for 15 consecutive days in occupied Kashmir, communication system suspended, landline, mobile phone and internet services suspended in the area for the past two weeks; more than 100,000 Indian troops were deployed in the valley, despite the opening of schools while the market remained deserted. The people of Kashmir have staged strong protests against illegal occupation of India and the abolition of Article 370 by breaking curfew and other sanctions at 47 places. Ready to deal.

The situation in occupied Kashmir is deteriorating rapidly and there are serious threats to human lives. Like India, India cut off occupied Kashmir from the rest of the world, just as it had blocked the oppressed Palestinians in Gaza. And there is no accurate information about the atrocities committed on the oppressed people. There has been no contact of the occupied Kashmir people from the outside world, even in Indian cities no one is allowed to go to occupied Kashmir. The deployment of Kashmir has raised fears of a massacre involving human beings, including the United Nations. Global rights organizations and institutions will have to take notice and the global powers will have to end this situation.

On the other hand, a meeting of parliamentary security committee chaired by Speaker National Assembly Assad Qaiser was attended by Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Khawaja Asif, Raja Pervaiz Ashrafex prime minister of pakistan, mr Bizenjo and others in this camera meeting. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi briefed the committee on the situation in occupied Kashmir. The Pak army is keeping an eye on the whole situation and is ready to respond to any aggression in India and if the enemy country forgets to do a big adventure, our troops will take a decisive step on which Later the world will see how the occupied Kashmir is deserted by the Indian Army but Pakistan will continue its peace efforts to the end. At the same time, former Pakistani diplomats have unanimously said that Pakistan should change its statement on Kashmir. In the light of international law, the help of armed resistance of Kashmiris is permissible and its support to the world. We should help with that.

(writer is Islamabad based researcher and analyst on Kashmir, Afghanistan and international affairs)


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