Kashmir is issue of Millions of lives, more then bilateral

(Inshal Rao, )

Since late 1980's the arguments from Indian side has been that the freedom movement of Kashmiris is engineered & Pakistan is behind millitancy in Kashmir. The propaganda further escalated by India after Nine Eleven. it was propagated that Pakistan promoted Jihadism, supports Jihadi's & safe heaven for Jihadi's. This picture shown by anti Pakistan mindset, let look the other side of picture, after Russian aggression in Afganistan, such statements "soon we will back vietnam war to Soviet" come from US side who promote Jihadism with the help of Saudi Arabia, visit in past see the role of western media in appraisal of Afghan Jihad & Mujahideen is on record, it was the US who supplied Arms & ammunition to Mujahideen, published & spread Jihadi literature through different channels, on other side western media propagate campaign against Soviet to ditch its economy resulting Soviet Union scattered & USA became sole supreme power of earth. The impacts of Afghan Jihad Movement spread to Kashmir, who were being remain under brutal enslavery of India since decades, in 1947 immediate after partition, the Muslim subjects from jammu were forcibly displaced & started genocide to change demographic status of Jammu, in this forgotten massacre carried out over three weeks from October to November 1947, over 200000 two lacs Muslims were brutally killed & about one million were forced displaced who expelled towards west Punjab, stayed in refugee camps, the massacre was state sponsored with help of RSS whose activists were called in to communalise & to kill Muslims. Seeing this genocide of defenceless Muslims, The trible pashtuns rushed to help them & first war between India & Pakistan broke out, soon India knocked the door of UN, where it was globally recognized as disputed territory & 18 resolutions have been adopted so far to give Kashmiries their due right of freedom under UN human rights charter through plebiscite, at earlier J Nehru stated to give right of choice to Kashmiries but later India backed from this & claimed she was mandated by Dogra King & her own puppet assembly. While in reality Dogra's were not the masters of Kashmiries fate as they were parachuters & foisted by British authority who sold more then million Kashmiries in 1846 very cheap at sum of 7.5 millions rupees only. Kashmiries never accepted enslavery under Dogra rule & movement of 1931 is one of example in this regard, according to UN Human Rights article 4. "no one cane be enslaved or servitude", in light of this how Kashmiries could be sold again, How the puppet assembly who did nt had Kashmiries mandate, just had mandate of Indian Gov't can decide the fates of Kashmiries. Soon back on occasion of G-7 summit Indian PM Narendra Modi declared Kashmir Indo-Pak bilateral issue, actually it is nothing more a subjugating tactic to keep Kashmiries enslave while the movement of Kashmiries is pre-partitioned, it was the main reason that dogra forces & RSS started their massacre at large to suppress them, declaring it a matter of bilateral dispute is great injustice with humanity, it is curse that in this modern time millions of people still living under enslavery of pseudo secular state. After revoking article 370 regarding status of Kashmir, it's been consecutively lock down & communication blackout for 24 days, what is the situation on ground? No one has access to know & on indian side argument has been set that Pakistan is internationalizing issue & indian media which is now BJP's propaganda machine showing every thing is pleasant on ground, while due to consecutive lock down there is great scarcity of medicine, food & other necessity thing even people dont have access to consume leaves or grass for living allive, no medicine, no access to hospitals, completely energy blackout, lives of millions of people at stake. At G-7 summit Amazonia fire was discussed with great concern but it is before the world that life of millions in Kashmir is on risk which should be the matter of more concern then the Amazonia fire, steps to preserve & saving Amazonia rainforest is to save humanity then why not concern for millions lives who massively suffering since long, it is the crime of universe to ignore such a serious issue just because of businness ties or friendly relations. India almost used tactics that it is Indo-Pak bilateral issue while it is the issue of millions of Kashmiries fate & not of Indo-Pak. Till how India will suppress Kashmiries voices & use of brutal force in the name of countering millitancy. It is the time for world to end slavery from world by resolving Kashmir issue according to their will.

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Excellent description about Kashmir issue .
By: shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi on Aug, 31 2019
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