A Silent Warrior and Economic Giant

(Imran Shermila , Chiniot)

A new wave of hostility is going on between India and Pakistan is the indicator of another war in South Asia because by force capturing the people and territory is not the permanent solution of any issue. Same with this intention Soviet Union invaded in Afghanistan but failed to achieve the objectives and disintegrated at the end of war. Similarly the United States attacked the Afghanistan after 9/11 on the base of terrorism but US also could achieve nothing despite this suffering economic and human loss. After a long war journey now US is trying to withdraw from this invaders grave yard therefore US is engage with Taliban for peace settlement. If the PM of India is not ready to learn with Soviet Union and United States war results then it ll be the biggest miscalculation of India that ll push the India for instability or disintegration.

At this level the PM of Pakistan adopted the legal approach to get the attention of International Society and somehow the PM of Pak got success at sympathy level but no one is ready to intervene and defuse the situation except the China. However the PM of Pak is carrying the Kashmir issue sensibly and tries to avoid the direct confrontation but no long more the PM of Pak could handle the pressure without resolving the issue. Although the India has used all extreme available options in this perspective, PM Modi demolish the 370, deployed forces and lock down the disputed territory of Kashmir while the PM Khan is fighting the Kashmir issue legally and diplomatically at first and then may use the extreme options.
After the session of UN Security Council the scenario ll be definitely change if the Security Council fails to provide the solution despite this Kashmir is a recognised bilateral issue between two nuclear powers and both fought 1948, 1965, 1971 and 1999 traditional wars over Kashmir issue. In this perspective the role of International Society, UN Security Council and US play a vital role but their silence over Kashmir issue leading the Pak & India for conventional or unconventional war. Still Pakistan seems like a silent warrior that is waiting for the precise target as Pak do while the India has used all available options. India is getting the advantage of its market and human capital because many states invest billions $ in India even Muslim Countries are not ready to go against India.

Now the people of Kashmir and the people of Pakistan looking toward the state heads, International Society and UN Security Council what they play the role in this perspective except moral sympathy. It seems they may start guerrilla warfare without the help of any state if they fail to provide the acceptable solution because the people of Kashmir are suffering from the day of Independence of Pak & India. Human loss reached in Kashmir up to 100000 and in 2014 100000 people are permanently disabled. The whole valley disconnected the world and the people are facing the numerous problems medical facility, food shortage, and communication services.

On 5th Aug PM Modi unanimously changed the status of Kashmir without the consultation of Kashmir stake holders and convert the entire Kashmir into open jail despite this govt of India admitted that Kashmir is a bilateral issue. Humiliations and disgracing are instigating the people of Kashmir for freedom fight against Indian State terrorism. Pakistan govt & Kashmirs people are waiting the miracle from outside the world while the war is inevitable between Pak & India and it may be guerrilla, conventional or non-conventional. A single incident ll be the big disaster in South Asia because Kashmir is not a piece of land, it’s the sovereignty, credibility and the survival of Pakistan.

Ch. Imran Arain
[email protected]

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