The Steps Of Mullah Umar

(Noorullah Bhatti, Karachi)

Mullah Mohammad Umar was born in 1960 in the village of chah Himmat Kandahar province. He hailed from Hotak tribe and belonged to poor family that’s why hasn't any political connections. His father name was Ghulam Nabi Akhund, Umar's father was died when he was just 3 years old so his uncle married to Umar's mother and foster Umar. He never educated in childhood but later got Islamic education from madrassa.

In 1980 he joint Afghan Mujahedeen’s in war of communism against Russia, The war had won by Mujahedeen’s but Umar's eye had wounded. In 1996 he found Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan which later denoted as Taliban. The growing insurgency of Taliban in Pakistan tag the Muslims state as birth place of terrorism and be stain Pakistan in the whole world.
This was strategy by USA they blames Pakistan as a cradler of Al Qaeda in the 9/11 attacks where 2996 people were kill on 9th September 2001. Even though they declare Pakistan, Al Qaeda and Taliban as friendship triangle meanwhile USA accused them as joint producers of terrorism in the world. This is true that Pakistan aids Taliban but only for roads and telecommunication infrastructure, if this is Pakistan crime than USA is a country which built supremacy of Taliban against Russia. Still this is unclear that Taliban were involved in 9/11 attacks so this is unauthentic to blame Pakistan as terrorist.

USA also criminate that Mullah Umar used to sell potato in lee market Karachi Pakistan and he also got education from Pakistan. But in 2015 both journalist from Pakistan and Afghanistan Hamid Mir and Sami Yousufzai respectively claimed that Mullah Umar never stepped in Pakistan after 2001, Hamid Mir further detailed that Mullah Umar was student of Maulvi Nabi Mohammadi in Afghanistan tolled by Maulvi Sami ul Haq a teacher of Darul uloom Madrassa. Whole world neglect privatives from both journalist because of their less respect.

All rumors prove when Dutch Journalist spent her 5 years in Afghanistan in search of Mullah Umar's life. She published a book on life and secrets of Mullah Umar.

She clarifies in his book that Mullah Umar never stepped in Pakistan after 2001. She also admit that Mullah Umar lived near USA operation military base in his native village for 8 years that’s why USA hidden their inefficiency through blaming Pakistan. She also wrote that Mullah Umar never educated in Pakistan.

She met with close friends and relatives of Mullah Umar. Jabber Omari a personal secretary of Umar also confess that Mullah Umar never stepped in Pakistan after 2001 but his 4 wives and children are living in Pakistan safely added by Agha Mutasim Jan a close friend of Mullah Umar. She inscribed Mullah Umar came to Quetta Pakistan twice, once for his eye treatment in 1980, second for purchase of weapons.

After invasion of USA in Afghanistan Hamid Karzai was tasked to reduced influence of Taliban so some captured and few surrendered than Mullah Umar appeals for amnesty but USA rejected it and promote Gul Agha Sherazi as governor. Sherazi's funk shrink Taliban and Mullah Umar vanished by transforming powers to Mullah Ubaidullah.

No doubt Taliban were joint organization made by Pakistan and USA for Afghan proxy war which let both countries as My foot my tutor. To control Taliban USA puts insurgency, introduction of new Government and Nato forces. At last Mullah Umar died in 2013 his death kept secret for 2 years. In 2015 it was revealed by Afghan Dictorate of security.

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