The New Generation And Their Pakistan.

(Miss Shamshad Sahiba, Bahawalpur)


This furtive yet none has snatched that Muslim scripture reads so sweet. Working rules by it suggested becomes its pattern quite complete.

I was lost in the memories of the past. I was wandering through the events which I heard from my elders.I was trying to figure out all the problems that our elders have given for achieving Pakistan. The map of the problems of the victims was playing before my eyes like a movie how they sacrificed their lives and financial sacrifices to achieve independence how they left everything at home and returned empty handed to Pakistan, how they endured the hardships of traveling and suffer hunger and thirst. How did they see their children’s screaming and starving. Not knowing how many lives were lost to their offspring, how many mothers, sisters, and daughters to save their honor by jumping into the well, and canals to save their honor. Who had arrived in Pakistan in a very dull condition. They had no clothes on their bodies, no food to eat , and no place to live. They had sacrificed everything in their homes for the sake of an independent country in the worst of circumstances and the dreaded situation had arrived in Pakistan on a very dull time. I was trying to feel that pain which the parents suffered during the migration.

Our great leader Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah who described corruption as a termite. One can evaluate these problems that he himself has gone through, only those value and protect Pakistan who are determined to pay for its acquisition, but unfortunately look at the extreme of misfortune. Immediately after the martyrdom of our great leader Jinnah and his sincere colleagues, some of the country’s enemies and personal interest elements became active and become to loose the country’s roots. The elements of corruption have become active. If we look at the rulers after 1947, we can know this very well. Over time it proved that every incoming ruler proved to be more corrupt than the first ruler. This corrupt mafia kept coming in for vote again and again everything has been looting with both hands and fooling the common peoples, Like people owning such an inept mentality have begun to formulate our polices. These corrupt mafia began to judge the lives of educated honest people. To implement policies, they select peoples with a slave mind who can dance to their gestures and lets bow to all the wrong things. These elements brought forth people who were enslaved to their orders. They formulate and implemented polices that was for the personal benefit rather than for the benefit of the common people and the country. They rewarded their illiterate relatives rewarded with monthly jobs worth millions of rupees. Looking at the history, we see how the people were fooled by the green garden. In front my eyes two pictures of democracy one Jinnah’s democracy true democracy and other picture is the vicious circle that the corrupt elements have created. The image of black democracy looks in front of my eyes. Their personal interests were named public interest. Personal benefit was termed as public benefit. In high positions, people were chosen who dance on fingers. When attempt are made to prove a lie with logic and they succeed. When human values began to crumble, when a nation forgets its rules and regulations, constitution and laws to be determined without Gods will, it must be understood that the decline of this society and nation has begun.

The common people was entangled in such a way that the road to success was blocked for them, made such a policies never go away with his own problems and troubles. Is this the dream of our Quaid Jinnah,

We have to compete with these handfuls of evil minded elements. We all have to deal with past mistakes and keep ourselves in the right direction. We must adopt the principles of our great leader Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. The principles of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah need to be act strictly and adopt principles of faith, unity and discipline. It is our National motto.

He who gets mislaid in the sunrise cannot be called a failure if he finds his way home by evening. If Pakistan and the nation are to be saved then we have to move forward with the abundant courage and get rid of all evils. We must strictly adhere to Islamic principles and laws for our Pakistan, positive action with good thinking requires. We need to practice our intentions with a sincere heart, keeping our intentions clear with absolute belief in Allah. Actions depend on intentions if your intention is good then the action will be just as good as for you, only Allah gives the fruit of our good intentions. It is important that the philosophy of the two nation theory will be thought out. The philosophy of Islam should be understood and practiced. We have to keep in mind that there is a lot of flexibility in Islam, there is no such thing as a ridged. Everyday new experiences new inventions every day to new experiences all are the fruits of Islam. It is time we need to direct our nation in the right direction, creating the spirit of patriotism and practicing and acting in the right direction with positive thinking is utmost imperative. Because as Allama Iqbal said a muslim true gets grandeur new with moments change and every hour, By words and deeds, he gives a proof of Almighty Allah ,his reach and power. To rout the foes, to grant them reprieve do pious deeds and show great might are four ingredients that make A Muslim devoted who shuns not fight.
In sum, The faithful acts on aims and ends that nature keeps before its sight: in worlds he sifts the good and bad, in future shall judge wrong and right.

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