Hyderabad: a city where history speaks to the present

(Sobia Khalid, Hyderabad)

Tomb Of Talpurs Hyderabad

Long to explore something more than we think but don’t know what to explore, drive to the city of Muslim emperors Hyderabad where history speaks to the present.
We all have different perspectives about history some just take it as a time that passed and some take it as a moral and some live in it because of their attraction towards historical places and these monuments speaks about their importance itself.

While walking in the old city Hyderabad we move through many historical buildings, tombs which bring us back to history from the period of Kalhoro to the Quaid-e-Azam point “Sindh should be separated from Bombay Presidency” the first step towards creation of Pakistan.

Despite how crowded and small streets one always struck by the old buildings and tombs which reveals their tenure story to the people who visit them. The buildings are old, not in their original form but still attracts the people who cross them while going anywhere in the city.

Historical Background

Hyderabad is a peaceful city on the bank of river Indus, a small fishing village once known to Neeronkot become notable when Ghulam Shah Kalhoro admired the city and ordered a fort to be built called Paka Qilla and established Hyderabad as a capital of his empire in 1768, Kalhora dynasty rule over Sindh for two more decades. But in this century only the ruins of Pakka Qila left in the form of broken bricks.

Afterwards the talpurs who succeeded kalhoras in the battle of Halani became ruler of Sindh. Talpurs made many new cities in Sindh and made Sindh an independent state from external involvement in official matters. To make their dynasty bigger, they fight with rajputs and made umerkot a part of their government. Talpurs tenure was ended after the battle of Miani in which British forces succeeded.

Ghulam Shah Kalhoro and The great Talpurs who ruled over Hyderabad for many decades and build Hyderabad as an economic state buried in main Hyderabad; the city of many cultures and languages.

Their tombs design with good architectural work and crafting who loudly speak their tenure to visitors.

Hosh Muhammad Sheedi

While thinking about Talpurs Government in Sindh a name always appears in mind “Hosh Muhammad Sheedi” a well-known personality in Sindh famous to his slogan Marvesoon Par Sindh Na Desoon

(Sindhi: ) “We will die but not give Sindh to others” A man belonged to African successor Sheedi community in Sindh joined the army of talpurs. The talpurs appointed him as their army general. His love for Sindh was exceptional and still remember for his remarkable bravery. He fought in battle of Miani with inimitable Bravery and courage that even while fighting when he had declared martyred the British got fear from his dead body and the British army General Sir Charles Napier admired with his bravery and paid a tribute to him and buried him with full military honors.

A flyover named after Hosh Muhammad Sheedi and his replica/Monument near Gol building always pushed the visitors back to history to think about his bravery, commitment his love for Sindh and how people come and gone but their names alive forever. No doubt he was the man who will always remember with his bravery.

In my opinion soul passes away from this world, but their good or bad acts left in this world in the form of history. History revealed the stories of those who behave uncommon on common situations.

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