Lack of Career counselling can lead to unemployment

(Suhail Ahmed, Karachi)

Students make an appropriate career choice that need lots of efforts which requires self-analysis as well as considering academic preferences.

Career Counselling has always been important. For a change in careers, earlier people sought out career counselors, only after they got a job and were unhappy with it. But now, people has recognized that this isn’t ideal.

People doesn’t take much thinking to understand of what career they should take. Most of the students make career choices picked by their peers. They even not to imagine, what they like until it’s too late.

Picking a career most comes after picking a course. If a student doesn’t pick the right course, it would affect and can lead to unemployment. Recently, “a research showed that 1 in 3 students are unhappy with course that they picked. There are half of million university students dis satisfied-this summarizes the career guideline in schools”.

For right career, needs to be an understanding of what course to take for capabilities to match the interests. A student might want to get into engineering thinking he’s good at math. In reality, there are more ways for him to select the course.

In reality, career counseling especially in rural areas schools needs such type of help to overcome such thinking. Many students take a psychometric test in order to avoid making mistakes. Those who are conscious about future take a psychometric test in order to avoid making mistakes. The psychometric test basically outlines the weaknesses and strengths of students and highlights their interests and attitudes. So which career option do they pick meaning, they can be good at Math but have an interest in Arts.

Career counselor will firstly, be able to explain the entire report, tell them disadvantages of their interests and aptitudes, understanding to make the right decisions. Students can take advice from experience persons path followed by their successful peers might not help them to reach at the same destination. Their parents might be unaware of the latest industry demands. For example,” a research has shown thousands of engineers are jobless worldwide. If they are working there are two scenarios either at very low salary or contract basis for short period of time”. Career counselor must be available in high school to receive the right and latest advice.

Although in USA, UK and other countries, it is compulsory for schools to have counsellors, such as life skill counselors. “Recent stats show 92% of students who don’t get any career-related guidance from their schools”.
Decisions made in high school can break their career. Career counsellor are experienced and trained to understand student’s thinking and their potential. Once he understood the student’s potential, the counsellor is able to advice the student for best career suitable to him/her and help them make the decisions that ensure career success. Students those want to be successful don’t mind getting help. He/she might feel shy at first, but it is our responsibility to help them build strong careers.


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