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Medical Jurisprudence is philosophy of medical science. The concept of Medical Jurisprudence is very old. The subject of medical jurisprudence is very important. This is a hierarchy of medical science. This subject has been taught in the LLB classes’ even medical university as well. There is some classification of medical jurisprudence in subject-wise. The question why this subject is being taught in LLB? It is enough knowledge for lawyer to ascertain the depth of the medical subject. This is interlinking in criminology. The criminal litigation is depending upon the medical jurisprudence. Moreover, it is a scientific research work done by the lawyer during the proceeding of the case. By and large, the court has been observed points of medical jurisprudence while dealing murder cases or murder reference; even each point clarify through expert opinion. That why this subject has been taught in LLB level.

Medical jurisprudence is codified law. It has enforced in Pakistan. The courts has bond to observed medical jurisprudence while dealing criminal proceeding. In the modern ear the medical jurisprudence is comprehensive knowledge to learn with practical skills. The Medical Jurisprudence is more important than identify died body even ascertain the cause of death. Without the knowledge of medical jurisprudence we cannot prove guilty whether he is innocent. Medical Jurisprudence is scientific search upon weapons, arm-gun, bloody clothes, wounds, any type of injury even skull. All anatomy has been observed while any examination of parts of body.

The Medical jurisprudence is dealing, bone injury, bruise injury or any kind of injuries which is finding on human body. All the prescription has been noted by the Medical Practitioner in his report. Thus, the Medical Practitioner is bound to submit his report to the court even that calls him to brief injury or damage of the body. His report should be precise even guide the actual position of the body. The medical jurisprudence is ascertaining the appropriate way of investigation of died body. We will discuss nine points which commonly use in Medical jurisprudence even criminal litigation. The hierarchy of medical Jurisprudence is far more concerned that it is observing in light of courts proceedings which we feel in our daily life. The following topics/heading, I have selected for further study even I will try my best to convey sound message for readers in comprehensive way.
i. Report of Medical Practitioner
ii. Cause of Death
iii. Ascertained time of death
iv. Cause of injury or types of injuries
v. Finger prints Method
vi. Procedure of Post- mortem
vii. Burial ceremony or autopsy
viii. Importance of Forensic Report
ix. DNA in Rape cases

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