US behind Coronavirus!

(Manan, Hyderabad)

As an outbreak in Corona named virus which was founded in a habitant of Wuhan, China on 31st of December 2019. The novel virus (COVID-19) tightens its grip across the city, in no time and laid the country at national health emergency and the president; Xi Jinping tagged this fatal plague an apparent emergency in modern China's history. While, World Health Organization (WHO) yet to announce international emergency. This relentless; chiefly "COVID-19" hunted more than 80000 cases, out of the figure, 2707 lives have been lost and merely, 27795 cured till date. Among infected population, (if my figures are correct) more than 95% are Chinese and remaining 5% are from rest of the 36 other countries.

Regarding, epidemic; contention of US political, militarily and economic rivalry being alleged by a prominent foe; Russia as, a biological attack. Within the scenes an outbreak of the same Virus cordoned Iran too. In the Guardian newspaper, authorities of the both victim countries exchanged hot statement against each other.

Although, many of the US-allies been utterly infected number of virus victims ergo, it cannot be avenged. At the time, social-media trends with blaming signs. Overall, Coronavirus leaving nations feared, untempered and in a quandary situation.

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