Pakistan's Dedicated Services To UN Mission

(Inshal Rao, )

Since Pakistan became the member of United Nation on 30 September 1947. Pakistan have long been committed to UN charter and objectives in which upholding of human dignity is the highest value and maintaining word peace is sacred duty. Pakistan is a peace loving country which is committed to international responsibility and engaged in UN peace keeping mission since 1960. Since inclusion Pakistan has sent more then 200000 troops to 46 UN missions. Over 150 peacekeepers including officers and female peacekeeper have sacrificed their lives in the line of maintaining peace. In this regard most glaring example is the sorrowful incident of Mogadishu (Somalia) where general farah's militia surprise attacked on Pak peacekeepers resultantly 24 Pakistani peacekeepers lost their lives and several got injuries on 5th Jun 1993. Despite Pakistan kept continue peace mission and fulfill the task of recovering unauthorized arms, escorting of food convoys and ensuring safety of human lives. With their loving ways Pak troops won the hearts of Somalis and left the solgan on the tongues of Somali locals "Pakistani and Somali walalwalal" (Pakistani and Somali are brothers). In recognition Deputy Commander of the UN Force in Somalia Maj Gen Thomas Montgomery remarked that many of the soldiers were alive because of the Pakistani troops that worked in most difficult and dangerous combat circumstances. He also thanked the people of Pakistan and army for sending such splendid troops. Another marked example of Pakistani troops contribution is the retaken of Khana Kaaba the Holiest place of Muslims from terrorists. In which an elite unit "Rahbar" of SSG took part who not only save many lives also rid off Muslim Ummah from the state of anger and restiveness. History is filled with contribution of Pakistan for the global peace and security. On Oct 3, 1995 after a fierce battle Pak troops in a joint mission rescued 75 us soldiers in tragic olympic hotel incident. Since its joining to UN, Pakistan engaged in assisting UN in promoting international peace and security, took part in 46 UN missions in conflicted and post conflicted regions. Indonesian President Soekarna entitled Pakistani troops as Pakistan's best ambassadors who proved connective tissue in forming friendly ties of Pakistan with many Nations including Indonesia. In recognition of Pakistan's invaluable contribution in Haiti a school was named Pakistan School. During Ebola Crisis of Africa Pakistan provide high quality medical services and set up Pakistan Medical Hospital in 2001 where civilians & UN peacekeepers were served with great care. Pakistani Troops completed successful mission in Liberia & left behind a country at peace with thriving democracy. Weeks back researchers discovered 265 fake news sites across 65 countries aimed at spreading anti-Pakistan propaganda and serve Indian interests who spread negativity against Pakistan systematically while Pakistan is peace loving nation and played invaluable role in making global peace. In Balkans Pak troops restore peace on ground and provide food & medical services to the people. In Sierra Leon Pak peacekeepers successed to complete UN peace mission. In Combodia& East Taimor Pak troops extensively worked to normalization of life, restore communication and build roads. During the overseas deployment mission to Africa Pak Naval ships PNS Muawin& PNS Aslat as a gesture of goodwill established free medical camp at several African ports. It is therefor UN Gen Secretary A Guterres recognised Pakistan's contribution to World peace and ask the World nations to stand with Pakistan. Since four decades Pakistan hosting millions of Afghan refugees. It is the long lasting dedicated services that UN Gen Secretary himself recognised the global contribution of Pakistan & dedicated services of its courageous splendid troops who proved it a soft power as Joseph S Nye argued that military power is a hard power asset but the context in which this asset is used can turn it into a soft power asset.

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