Discrimination at Its Peak

(Rashid Ob, )

By Hamza AjmalNiazi
India, the so-called secular country used to propagate Muslims as a terrorist. India used to support terrorism in neighboring countries. Now, India itself has become a victim of Hindutva extremism. The extremist Hindu mobs are attacking minorities specifically Muslims. Approval of brutal citizen amendment act CAA took the citizen rights back form Indian Muslims. After approval of CAA, the protests against this bill have been started across the country. To suppress these protest police and army are using arms and ammunition against the protestors. Hindus have started attacking mosques; properties owned by Muslims more than 53 Muslims murdered and 400 people were wounded. Hindus Zionists are just brutally tortured the Muslims, killings. Nobody including NGO and security agencies is standing for Muslim rights.

According to The report issued by AmnestyInternational, Hindu Muslim riots have erupted in the capital. Delhi court directed police to register FIR who will deliver inflammatory speeches. On the evening of the 5 January, a masked mob laid siege to the central university for more than two hours, injuring over two dozen students, and Prof SucharitaSen along with other teachers from the university. The attack took place after a peace march was conducted by the Teachers Association at the university. The mob was allegedly armed with rods and sledgehammers as they intimidated the students by destroying campus property, entering hostel rooms and chanting slogans such as “Kill the leftists”, “Kill the Anti-Nationals” and “DeshkeGaddaronko, golimaaronsaalonko”.

These riots along with the earlier instances of violence that took place in JamiaMilia University and Jawaharlal Nehru University were preceded by the hateful speeches made by political leaders. From union ministers like Anurag Thakur to chief ministers like Yogi Adityanath, elected representatives have called for people to shoot down ‘traitors’ and take revenge. In February 2020, a minister in Karnataka called for a law to be passed allowing police to shoot protesters at sight. Now being a human I want to ask where is UNITED NATIONS, USA and all other international organizations who were working for human rights. If these riots were happening in any Muslim country and there were Indian with the replacement of Muslim’s, nobody will sit back and watch this issue quietly.

Delhi and Hyderabad Police have also denied permission for protests. Banning protests, the Hyderabad Police said, “All are advised that no permission has been given by the police for any rally, procession or any outdoor programs regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act”. The Internet has also been shut down in many parts of the country’s capital. Such bans on protests have also been imposed in other parts of the country including Mumbai, Pune, Bhubaneswar, Nagpur, and Bhopal. International standards underline that peaceful assembly is a right and not a privilege, guaranteed under Article 21 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The authorities must stop criminalizing protest, lift disproportionate restrictions on free assembly and expression and ensure the protection of all human rights,” said Avinash Kumar. On 23 February, BJP leader Kapil Mishra made provocative speeches and gave Delhi police a three-day ultimatum to remove the protesters in Jaffarabad.

Concluding more! It is not the first time that Indian minorities are facing discrimination. When Narendra Modi was chief minister of Gujrat he has propagated and supported the agenda of RSS in his previous regime Muslims of Gujrat faced extreme discrimination the deadly riots of Gujrathastakenthousands of lives also. The echoes from the world to revoke CAA started to rise. The world especially Muslim countries should pressurized India to stop these brutal acts.


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